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aXseum Global ePayment Solutions

aXseum Solutions Provides ePayment Support to Fuel Iraqi Economy Since the inception of our company over 10 years ago, clients have turned to aXseum to build, support, and maintain complex financial systems. aXseum has successfully completed financial systems projects...

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aXseum Leadership Profile: Michael Perez, President & CEO

About Michael Perez Title: President & CEO Hometown: Houston, TX How long have you been with aXseum: Since the office was in my dining room (2002) Words used to describe Michael (by his peers): generous, kind, loyal, funny, smart, ambitious, insightful, forward...

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Happy Holidays from aXseum

Clients, Partners, Team Members, Friends- If you are like me, the end of December is a time when you take stock of life. The seasonal swing of events almost forces you to reflect on the year that just passed and the year that is about to come. On a personal level,...

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Proud to Serve With The Marines

In five words or fewer, describe a United States Marine. Strong. Courageous. Precise. There are many ways to describe the United States Marines, these were a few words that came to mind for us. We have the utmost of respect for our Marines, what they stand for, the...

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15,000 Soldiers Taken Out of Harm’s Way in Afghanistan

After the successful implementation of the Iraqi Transportation Network (ITN), the Department of Defense again turned to aXseum to develop a sustainable logistics network in Afghanistan. aXseum determined the feasability of building the Afghan Transportation Network...

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Refurbishing 92 Kilometers of Aging Pipeline in Afghanistan

Energy infrastructure is the foundation for establishing thriving energy markets. Before developing any new energy infrastructure it’s imperative to evaluate existing infrastructure and verify usability and safety. A pipeline is only as strong as it’s weakest inch,...

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