Logistics Management

End to End Logistics Visibility Helps Reduce Costs and Improve Services

aXseum© has extensive experience streamlining logistics infrastructure, reducing logistics response cycle time and improving the integration of agency systems.


aXseum’s logistics management services focus on designing, building, and managing safe transportation networks. We utilize our deep experience and history in logistics management to establish management solutions for safe and reliable results. aXseum expertise has been providing logistics management and systems support for over 20 years stimulating international economies and earning a dependable and consistent reputation among our customers.

Logistics Support Services

Supply Chain Management

Transportation Systems Support

Warehouse OperationsSupport

Technical Data Management

Logistics Engineering

Asset Visibility and Inventory Management Systems

Intermediate and Depot Level Maintenance

Equipment Reutilization and/or Disposal

Past Performance Examples

Iraqi Transportation Network (ITN) supports 1,000 Cargo Truck Convoys per Month with Zero Incident Rate.

With a mandate to reduce truck convoy losses, aXseum formed the Iraqi Transportation Network (ITN) and brought together local Iraqi leaders as well as transportation and facility experts around the world to develop in-country logistics and facilities management capabilities. ITN completed over 30,000 truck movements in two years without a single incident of attack, loss, or damage and generated over $100 million in revenues that directly benefitted the Iraqi economy.

Afghanistan Transportation Network (ATN) supports 15,000 Soldiers Taken Out of Harm’s Way

Due to the success of the ITN project, the DoD selected aXseum to create a similar infrastructure in Afghanistan – the ATN. aXseum created the Afghan Transportation Network (ATN) which allowed the local commerce of national companies (chartered to transport U.S. military materials and publicly traded goods throughout Afghanistan) to exponentially thrive under private management even after U.S. forces withdrew. 4,174 missions were completed with no hits and no theft, 493 U.S. military missions were replaced and an estimated 15,000 soldiers were taken out of harm’s way due to the ATN.

USMC Logistics Command Distribution Management Center (DMC) Support for On-Going Worldwide Operations.

As a sub-contractor partner, provided program, logistics, material management and technical engineering services for the Reset and Reconstitution of Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Ground and Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) equipment returning from outside the Continental United Stated (OCONUS) operations.

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