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aXseum is Awarded ATIS contract

ARLINGTON, VA – aXseum Solutions, LLC is proud to announce it has been awarded the Army Training Information System (ATIS) Architecture and Application Sustainment contract. Under the ATIS project, aXseum will support system continuity of service with architecture...

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Capability Focus: Operational & Human Resources Excellence

Serving aXseum clients worldwide and internally requires a high degree of operational and human resource excellence. Managing complex business requirements, contract deliverables, and our talented people requires extensive acumen in a wide variety of disciplines. At...

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Capability Focus: Mobile Financial Services Solutions

In developing countries, one of the most significant challenges is providing easy, accessible, and secure ways to transfer funds where traditional financial infrastructure doesn’t exist. aXseum, and our partners, have brought mobile financial solutions to our clients...

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Capability Focus: Transparency & Monitoring Services

Enhancing Economic Growth Opportunities In Emerging Markets Worldwide International economic development and aid work depends on trust. Trust that dollars and resources will be used as intended. Trust that economic development and business in emerging markets will be...

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Capability Focus: Serving USAID in Afghanistan

Since 1951, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been acting on behalf of the United States around the world to solve problems, end extreme poverty, and promote U.S. interests around the world. The mission of USAID is clear: We partner to...

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