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aXseum Leadership Profile: Hans Waschitzki, Chief Financial Officer

May 15, 2014

About Hans Waschitzki:

Title: Chief Financial Officer
Where is your hometown? “I grew up in Rockville, Maryland, which is just northeast of Washington, D.C.”
How long have you been with aXseum? “I joined aXseum in 2011. My first challenge at aXseum was to direct subsidiary operations in Afghanistan for a project serving USAID. I’ve been establishing, revising, and improving systems at aXseum ever since.”
Words used to describe Hans (by his peers): Calm, Knowledgeable, Smart, Focused, Dedicated, Hard-Working, Industrious
What is your favorite thing about aXseum? “aXseum is a unique place. Our culture is crafted to allow people to get things done. People can’t wait to fix things. In my experience that is priceless. It’s a great place to accomplish things.”

aXseum has grown steadily over the past twelve years. As in many organizations, there are inherent challenges that comes with growth: managing expansion while continuously improving financial, management, technology, and business systems and processes. Since 2011, Hans Waschitski has been aXseum’s driving force for strong financial management, contract performance monitoring, and systems improvement. He is perpetually innovating and solving challenges that inevitably come with aXseum’s international and U.S.-based business contracts.

Serving our United States military, federal government, and international clients demands a vast number of reporting and compliance requirements. Hans’ adept ability to steward resources and utilize business and financial information allows our experts in the field to focus on applying their expertise to the mission at hand. Our experts in the field know that aXseum is managing the details of compliance and the administrative burden that goes hand in hand with government contracting.

Under Han’s leadership aXseum has:

  • converted our accounting system to a cutting edge solution in our industry
  • implemented a new project budget system to track each of aXseum’s contracts and monitor performance
  • obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • executed new budget, financial, and insurance solutions to ensure aXseum is able to focus on completing each mission without distraction

Hans is known for his industriousness, hard work, and thorough approach to solving problems. When asked where this approach came from, Hans will tell you about his German immigrant parents and his childhood working in the famous bakery that Hans’ father started when he arrived in America. Understanding the ins and outs of a successful and complex small business from a young age uniquely qualified Hans for the complex environment in which aXseum operates.

Hans Waschitski doens’t need a title, although his fits him well. Hans evaluates all aspects of our business, finds problems, and creates thoughtful, systematic, and people-oriented solutions. Then he executes on those solutions. Our business is complicated and challenging. It requires knowledge in a variety of fields. Hans is capable of handling all of this complexity and, in response, he develops systems to track, manage, and improve financial, technology, and process systems that help aXseum perform our mission as we serve customers around the globe. Michael Perez, President & CEO

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