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aXseum Leadership Profile: Richard Cashman, Executive Vice President & Chief Policy Officer

Apr 18, 2014


Title: Executive Vice President & Chief Policy Officer
Where is your hometown? “I grew up in Lynn, Massachusetts, which is just north of Boston.”
How long have you been with aXseum? “I joined aXseum in 2006. My very first challenge was developing a proposal in response to the U.S. Army Continuing Education System (ACES) solicitation. We met that challenge, and aXseum was awarded a $41 million contract to provide ACES support at 28 U.S. Army locations. I’ve been working on every contract since.”
Words used to describe Richard (by his peers): Dependable, Diligent, Thorough, Insightful, Analytical, Credible, Knowledgeable, Expert, Practical
What is your favorite thing about aXseum? “aXseum is the kind of organization that can accomplish anything. aXseum has taken on considerable challenges and accomplished the mission each and every time. Our customers and partners do business with us because we are responsive and able to meet their needs even under the most difficult circumstances. That’s the kind of organization I like to be a part of.”

aXseum is full of experts. Across our broad capabilities, we employ and partner with experts in a wide variety of disciplines including capacity building, energy, financial infrastructure, logistics, facilities management, IT services, training and education, human resources, and transparency. For more than a decade, aXseum has continued to deploy our teams of experts around the world to solve problems and achieve our clients mission.

Working on projects around the world requires a team approach to accomplish each mission. Assembling that team happens behind the scenes at our headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. aXseum’s contracts and compliance department ensures that we find the right contracts, clients, and partners to serve.

Richard Cashman heads our contracts and compliance team. Richard holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management, and a Master of Arts in Computer Resources and Information Management. Richard’s extensive experience includes 23 years active duty in the Air Force, including assignments in South Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, Washington, D.C., South Korea, and Turkey. After military service, Richard worked as a Site Manager in Votkinsk, Russia, where his team monitored production of the Soviet SS-25 and SS-27 nuclear-capable long range missiles. Richard also taught a myriad of computer and business courses, as an Adjunct Instructor, with University of Maryland University College, and William Carey College. Apart from work, Richard volunteered with organizations such as the Disabled American Veterans, Junior Achievement, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Richard is known for his analytical approach, relationship building with partners, and attention to details. Each and every contract aXseum wins has Richard’s fingerprints on it and has been reviewed thoroughly by Richard for compliance. This intensive work allows aXseum to continue to thrive while also working on projects around the world

Richard Cashman has decades of experience across the globe in military, government, and non-government organizations (NGOs). Richard is the expert’s expert at aXseum. His experience guides aXseum in the successful acquisition, execution, and completion of each contract that we have won. Richard’s attention to detail and deep knowledge of our work creates a standard that pushes our organization to pursue the highest level of excellence in compliance.  Michael Perez, President & CEO

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