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Capability Focus: Operational & Human Resources Excellence

Aug 22, 2014

Serving aXseum clients worldwide and internally requires a high degree of operational and human resource excellence. Managing complex business requirements, contract deliverables, and our talented people requires extensive acumen in a wide variety of disciplines.

At its core, aXseum is comprised of a functional foundation built on solid business practices. These competencies have developed out of a thorough understanding of regulations, compliance, and industry best practices. Throughout its growth, aXseum has remained a lean and effective organization unburdened by bureaucracy and able to react quickly to our clients needs. aXseum’s agility is most important when called upon to deploy large numbers of employees on very short notice. This includes CONUS and OCONUS locations as our projects are worldwide. These projects and people can be found in the United States and overseas in developing, emerging, and post conflict zones.

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Kim Schubin, and Director Human Resources (DHR), Lisa Paradis, have led aXseum operations for the majority of the last decade. This leadership team brings decades of experience, both military and civilian, which has contributed to the responsive, customer focused, employee centric approach that is highly regarded at aXseum. Due to our proven and cohesive leadership team, our swift and thorough response never results in diminished customer service or employee support.

Both individually and together, aXseum’s COO and the DHR have developed company process and procedure as the company has grown and evolved. Kim came to aXseum possessing project management skills, supervisory experience and procurement knowledge. Since that time Kim has been involved in every area of operations and has shaped each major department and system that has allowed aXseum’s consistent growth from a handful of staff to hundreds of employees and contractors around the world. Under Kim’s leadership, aXseum has grown continuously and smoothly which has been essential to establishing the aXseum culture.

Early on at aXseum everyone wore multiple hats, and it was an all hands on deck situation. As we have matured we have specialized and grown areas of expertise, but we have maintained that same one for all and all for one spirit that we developed from the start. – Kim Schubin, Chief Operating Officer

Lisa joined aXseum soon after Kim bringing with her a deep devotion to customer satisfaction along with organizational efficiencies and the ability to foster open and effective communication. Lisa was the first aXseum employee dedicated to human resources and continues to lead our HR department to this day. Lisa is responsible for aXseum human resource policies, procedures, compliance, and management. Lisa’s efforts enable aXseum to remain flexible to meet the needs and demands of our clients’ missions worldwide. Lisa has also been the architect and executor of our payroll and human resource systems, automating the process of timekeeping and payroll to maximize efficiency. This efficiency allows rapid deployment of staff and support wherever needed around the world.

Together, Kim and Lisa provide the backbone of aXseum’s operational leadership so that our people can fulfill the customer’s mission resulting in worldwide success.

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