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Capability Focus: Energy & Economic Development Solutions For Emerging Markets

Mar 31, 2014

Empowering Growth With Energy Solutions

In 2006, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) created the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) to aid in the development of emerging and re-emerging economies around the world. The Task Force was established with a very specific mission:

“Economic stabilization in order to reduce violence, enhance stability, and restore economic normalcy in areas where unrest and insurgency have created a synchronous downward spiral of economic hardship and violence.”

In Afghanistan, the Task Force narrowed this focus to four primary areas of focus:

  • Minerals
  • Energy
  • Investment & Entrepreneurship
  • Indigenous Industries

In each focus area, aXseum has brought teams of experts to support the Task Force in the diverse skills needed to establish stable business operations. In each case, aXseum experts planned, implemented, and executed based on the mission requirements and the client’s desired results.


Afghanistan is rich with resources including oil. aXseum experts supplied tender management and transparency services to ensure that the natural resources of the country were properly made available for mining and exploration by international organizations. The result was a fair and equitable process for organizations to bid and obtain contracts for oil exploration and extraction.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

As with oil, Afghanistan is also rich with compressed natural gas (CNG). Utilization of this resource for power generation and industrial purposes has been essential to economic growth. aXseum has supplied expertise in pipeline design, management, and refurbishment so that natural gas can be used for rural electrification and industrial uses. In addition, converting taxis and other vehicles to CNG has created a market for natural gas during a period when oil prices have escalated.

Investment & Entrepreneurship

One of the primary challenges in any country that has been through war or unrest is attracting the international investment community. aXseum has recruited and attracted international investment in a wide variety of industries including energy, security infrastructure, electronic payment solutions, and enterprise architecture.

Indigenous Industries

Afghanistan’s heritage is steeped in craftsmanship and other local industries. In addition to being Afghanistan’s largest source of exports, local industries supply hundreds of thousands of jobs. aXseum’s expertise in manufacturing, development of markets, and contract negotiations has enabled these industries to continue to grow.

The results of aXseum’s work for the Task Force has been the ongoing growth for the Afghan economy. Opportunities and jobs have created the revitalization that enables the country to continue to reduced the violence and unrest challenges that have existed in the past.

In addition to aXseum’s consulting expertise in each area of focus for the Task Force, aXseum also worked to create the Afghan Public Protection Force to establish security for industry and investment without the need of foreign assistance on an ongoing basis.

Unemployment, poverty, and misfortune cause insecurity. When opportunities are create and people’s stomachs are full, hunger will end and war will cease in Afghanistan. Mohommed Aleem Sayee, Governor of Jowzjan Province

The positive impact of the Task Force has been far reaching in the international community. The Task Force work has attracted international investment in Afghan markets where insecurity previously prevented investment.

It’s a great day for Afghanistan, we’ve never had such big companies entrusted by Afghanistan to be a part of oil and gas or hydrocarbon sector. Today we have a very big achievement that we have all these companies with us and we think this is a very positive step towards the development of the country. Abdul Jalil Jumrani, Head of Policy & Promotions, Ministry of Mines

Robin Weber, aXseum’s Director of Program Management, continues to lead aXseum’s work serving the Task Force as we have for the past five years. Robin’s planning and management efforts have enabled our teams on the ground to conduct their work with the effectiveness that aXseum is known for.

Our work in Afghanistan has continued to be challenging, full of obstacles, and yet rewarding on so many levels. To know that our efforts in energy and economic development aid the people of Afghanistan in so many ways makes all of the hard work satisfying to everyone at aXseum and our partners. Robin Weber, Director of Program Managment

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