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Capability Focus: Transparency & Monitoring Services

May 30, 2014

Enhancing Economic Growth Opportunities In Emerging Markets Worldwide

International economic development and aid work depends on trust. Trust that dollars and resources will be used as intended. Trust that economic development and business in emerging markets will be handled with fairness. Trust that the people involved, from policy-makers to field staff, are ensuring the mission is executed as planned. Trust that natural resources will benefit the citizens of the countries in which the resources are found.

Since 2008, aXseum has provided services to our clients around the world and built trust in our clients’ economic development and international aid work. Through our monitoring and transparency efforts, hundreds of thousands of lives have been changed, jobs have been created, and investment opportunities have been funded.


Never before has monitoring for performance been such an important part of our endeavors around the globe. In markets like Afghanistan and Iraq, there are inherent risks of fraud and corruption in many transactions.

Serving the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) through the Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO), aXseum’s team of experts has monitored transportation, international aid, banking and financial services, and local humanitarian contracts to ensure contract performance. In each project, our approach involved local engagement, subject matter expertise, contract review, and financial analysis and reporting to establish trust both locally and in the international community.

Our work, whether on the ground or remote, was able to track ongoing performance and ensure the mission was executed to the client’s specifications.


Global investment has been cautious when it comes to investing in emerging and post-conflict opportunities. Through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), aXseum has been working on transparency solutions to establish trust in markets for natural gas and oil in Afghanistan. This region, while rich with natural resources, has been troubled in the past by conflict and physical security challenges, as well as corruption and fraud in its business and governmental environments.

aXseum’s expertise in tender process and management, international investment attraction, and local engagement has established a new framework for transparency in Afghanistan. This region which has been known for some of the highest corruption rates in the world is now benefiting from the jobs, profits, and services provided by this new chapter in transparency.

Our experience in Afghanistan and Iraq proves that the right team devoted to developing transparency and monitoring for performance can achieve remarkable things. Whether in the United States, or around the globe, our team tackles monitoring and transparency challenges with the same rigorous discipline and execution that has been a hallmark of aXseum since day one. Michael Appleton, Chief Strategy Officer


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