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aXseum Leadership Profile: Robin Weber, Director, Program Management

Mar 19, 2014

About Robin Weber:

Title: Director, Program Management
Where is your hometown? “I was a U.S. Army Brat so I grew up everywhere. I lived in 33 different places (42 different homes) since I was born, graduated from high school in Germany, and lived in several countries in the Middle East. So, thanks to wonderful parents and a family tradition of military service, I’m from everywhere.”
How long have you been with aXseum? “I’ve been with aXseum since 2005 and hope to be blessed to keep it my home.”
Words used to describe Robin (by her peers): Excellent communicator, excels at issue resolution, detail-oriented, hardworking, dedicated, caring, warm, fun, professional, intelligent, resourceful, polished
What is your favorite thing about aXseum? “aXseum is built on a culture of professionalism, friendship, and respect. We all work very hard and navigate each challenging mission together. We value achieving the mission and the people that make that happen. Now that’s a great place to work.”

One of the distinguishing challenges and opportunities that we face every day at aXseum is the diversity of projects that our team is facing. From international transparency and ePayment systems for the Department of Defense (DOD) to the Army Continuing Education Systems (ACES), our work is diverse, global, and challenging.

But there is a common theme: aXseum excels at program management regardless of the mission, location, or discipline. Whether we are developing a public protection force for a foreign country, analyzing legal tenders for oil & gas markets, or developing banking and ePayment infrastructure, the cornerstone strength is strong program management.

Leading our program management is Robin Weber. Robin’s extensive worldwide experience in the U.S. Army, work for DOD and on jobs in other countries, and as a military family member, has given her the broad experience to manage any program in the U.S. or abroad. Robin’s defining characteristic is her ability to ensure completion of the mission with her team of program managers around the world. Under the DOD’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO), Robin has led program management on dozens of multi-national operations. Each time, she taps into a wide variety of aXseum capabilities.

Under Robin’s program management leadership aXseum has grown from an organization managing a single contract to a sophisticated international organization capable of managing the most challenging missions. All the while, Robin maintains her gracious, people-oriented approach that earns her respect both within aXseum and with clients around the world.

Robin’s tenacity and ability to see the mission through began early in her life.  Robin joined the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M in the first year women were admitted. In her class of cadets there were approximately 60 women who began the program. Robin was one of five who graduated after 4 full years, in 1978.  As a young officer in the Army, she assumed command of a missile maintenance company when a first lieutenant.  She later chose the most challenging and rewarding career, devoting her life to raising her remarkable children.

Robin brings the same determination to each and every project that she has guided at aXseum. Among her peers, she is known to perform at the highest standards; she is versed in every aspect of program management for aXseum and sincerely cares for those around her in the process.

Robin Weber is dedicated, loyal, and tireless. Robin guides our program management to the high standards that enable aXseum to continue to excel at each and every mission we have been given. Robin’s competence as a leader ensures that the mission will be completed, our highest standards will be met, and every person involved along the way will be cared for. Very few people can balance those things with the grace that Robin does. Michael Perez, President & CEO

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