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Refurbishing 92 Kilometers of Aging Pipeline in Afghanistan

Nov 1, 2013

Energy infrastructure is the foundation for establishing thriving energy markets.

Before developing any new energy infrastructure it’s imperative to evaluate existing infrastructure and verify usability and safety. A pipeline is only as strong as it’s weakest inch, and it is critical to maximize existing infrastructure capacity.

In 2010, the Department of Defense Task Force (TFBSO) turned to aXseum to provide expertise in improving the Afghan energy availability. After building a sustainable market for clean natural gas throughout Afghanistan, it was essential that we evaluate and establish the pipeline infrastructure the Afghan people needed to keep their homes and businesses fed with the natural gas they need.

aXseum’s evaluation led to the refurbishment of the Sheberghan to Mazar-e-Sharif pipeline using a local labor force. aXseum has also begun work on a new pipeline for Afghanistan’s natural gas infrastructure. TFBSO continues to award us contracts to strengthen and build this fundamental economic infrastucture. aXseum continues to play a pivitol role with the U.S. Department of Defense revitalizing the Afghan economy and establishing their natural resources reserve.

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