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aXseum Leadership Profile: Michael Appleton, Chief Strategy Officer

Feb 20, 2014

About Michael appleton:

Title: Chief Strategy Officer
Where is your hometown? “I grew up overseas in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, and then came back to the states to graduate high school in Vienna, Virginia. I’m not sure what that makes my hometown.”
How long have you been with aXseum? “I’ve been with aXseum since 2009.”
Words used to describe Michael (by his peers): Upbeat, fast-paced, smart, well-read, introspective, brave, personable, persistent, dynamic, enterprising, tenacious
What is your favorite thing about aXseum? “The work aXseum does both at home and abroad is a challenge but it is very rewarding. We make a difference on projects that change the world. Working at aXseum isn’t just another job. It’s like being a part of a family. I have a personal connection with our staff and our clients.”

If there is one defining characteristic you see over and over again among aXseum staff, partners, and alumni, it is the ability to grasp the intent of the mission and then execute a plan that will achieve it. This characteristic has been the foundation of aXseum from the beginning.

Michael Appleton shares this strength and adds another towering benefit to the aXseum team. That characteristic is his unique ability to see opportunities for growth and the barriers that are impeding progress. He develops strategies that break down barriers and capitalize on available opportunities. This skillset maximizes growth for aXseum clients both in the U.S. and abroad, and it is something that Michael brings to every mission clients assign to aXseum.

A 1994 graduate of the Citadel, Michael played baseball and prepared for his career focusing on business, finance, and banking. Michael’s professional experience ranges from technology infrastructure and enterprise architecture to international business and energy in developing markets. Regardless of the particular discipline, Michael brings acute business acumen, tenacious pursuit of growth opportunities, and consensus building capabilities to every aXseum client project.

Under Michael’s strategic guidance, aXseum has continued to grow into new areas of expertise. aXseum continues to build an organization with people as its foundation, as Michael leads the effort to bring the best talent to the most challenging projects around the globe.

I’ve known Michael Appleton for 15 years and continue to be amazed by his ability to see opportunities where we can serve our clients and to guide us to engagements that are successful for everyone involved. Michael’s presence at aXseum has enabled us to execute on the most challenging mission objectives on behalf of our clients. Michael Perez, President & CEO

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