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Ensuring Fair & Equitable Bidding for Access to Afghanistan’s Natural Resources

Oct 15, 2013

Starting in 2010, aXseum has been assisting the Afghanistan Ministry of Mines in creating low-risk business opportunities for their country.

One of the toughest obstacles for a thriving Afghan economy is the relative lack of current technical expertise within the country. The nation has vast amounts of wealth from their natural resources, if only those resources could be properly accessed and capitalized on.

In this challenging climate, it becomes important that any hindrance to investment from commercial entities be minimized. aXseum knows how to navigate local economies, identify available resources, and communicate this information meaningfully to international energy corporations. Working with the Afghan government, tribal leaders, and investors, we have created a tendering process that yields relevant and meaningful contracts that provide successful outcomes for all parties involved.

Afghanistan will continue to benefit from the revenue and job growth afforded by new tenders. International corporations are now interested in investing in Afghanistan. As the drawdown continues, the United States can be proud of leaving this critical part of the Afghan economy in a stronger position.

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