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Army Recruits Are Able to Enlist Thanks to aXseum’s English Courses

Oct 1, 2013

Language Proficiency Classes for the Army Continuing Education System (ACES)

During 2008 the U.S. Army was in a big recruiting push. Their demands for new troops required that they look to non-English speaking citizens to join the Army. Prior to formally enlisting the Army has minimum language requirements that recruits must meet.

The Army turned to aXseum to get as many people trained as quickly as possible. The Army came straight to our team to expand our current service as part of the Army Continuing Education System (ACES).

Our first task was to assist a specific education center director to get funding and procure a separate task order for the work. Then we moved forward to develop the curriculum and quickly deploying the right training staff.

The local training site was pleased with the process and the Army was able to enlist more Soldiers thanks to the efforts of this program.

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