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Proud to Serve With The Marines

Dec 14, 2013

In five words or fewer, describe a United States Marine.

Strong. Courageous. Precise.

There are many ways to describe the United States Marines, these were a few words that came to mind for us.

We have the utmost of respect for our Marines, what they stand for, the work they do, and what it means to our country that they serve. We have this enduring picture of stoicism and poise. Quiet force.

And we valued a recent opportunity to serve with them. When two Marines arrived at our holiday party to pick up our guests’ Toys for Tots donations our expectations and stereotypes were not only met but also exceeded.

It’s amazing to us that the very people who stand tall and so strong, Marines, are also the ones leading the effort to care for children in tangible ways through Toys for Tots. The Marines that came to aXseum’s corporate holiday celebration were certainly strong, courageous, and precise. But they were also gentle, caring, fun, and kind.

Thank you, Cpl Martha Diaz and Sgt Timothy Taylor, for coming to our celebration event.

And thank you to our friends, colleagues, partners, and clients for their generous donations. The Marines filled the bags they came with and had to find more for all the toys that were donated.

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