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aXseum Leadership Profile: Michael Perez, President & CEO

Jan 15, 2014

About Michael Perez

Title: President & CEO
Hometown: Houston, TX
How long have you been with aXseum: Since the office was in my dining room (2002)
Words used to describe Michael (by his peers): generous, kind, loyal, funny, smart, ambitious, insightful, forward thinking, sincere, creative, intuitive, motivating
Favorite thing about aXseum: Collaborating in a team environment to complete the mission we have been assigned. There is nothing better.

Spend any time with Michael Perez you will quickly realize the secret of his success. He is talented, action-oriented, and ambitious. But those aren’t his defining characteristics. There are two traits that define Michael’s leadership:

  1. Michael carries a deep and personal commitment to the success of every mission entrusted to aXseum.
  2. Michael cares deeply about the success of each individual who works for aXseum.

Michael’s success is based on bringing together these two commitments for every client that aXseum serves. And this commitment is infectious. It’s in the aXseum’s culture.

Michael founded aXseum at his dining room table in 2002. Like many young entrepreneurs, Michael was working on other projects when he saw an opportunity to serve domestic and international clients. It started with a simple but effective approach: find the best talent available and set them loose on the problems, challenges, and roadblocks that typically impede complex projects. Since that time, under Michael’s executive leadership, aXseum has continued to thrive even the on the most challenging projects in the United States and abroad.

This “get it done” spirit was the spirit Michael envisioned in 2002. And it is still the motivating driver at aXseum today.

Michael also carries a unique ability to bring together unlikely allies to achieve a common cause. Whether on the ground in Afghanistan, or a boardroom in Washington, D.C., Michael has a relational capacity to align interests, mitigate challenging interpersonal dynamics, and keep projects moving forward. This  relational intelligence and cultural awareness has served clients like in the United States Department of Defense (DOD), USAID, the United States Armed Forces, as well as teaming partners locally and abroad.

What drives Michael’s commitment to the mission and people he leads? Ask Michael and he will give you his welcoming smile and downplay his role. He’ll credit his staff and partners. He will graciously thank you.

But underneath Michael’s approachable demeanor you will notice something. Michael cares. Michael cares about the mission of the client. Michael cares about his people. Michael cares about the work aXseum does around the world.

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