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aXseum staffs ACES Education Centers with Over 350 People in Under 48 Hours

Sep 14, 2013

aXseum thrives in difficult situations. Our talented team consistently rises to the challenge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re not scared of seemingly impossible tasks. Our experienced team creates solutions to achieve the mission under pressure around the world.

When 75 education centers for the Army Continuing Education System were about to experience a work stoppage awaiting funding approval, aXseum was there to ensure that the work continued the moment funding was available to provide continuity of service for thousands of our troops around the world. Amidst concerns that the program would face massive disruption we provided continuous service that kept the program seamlessly working without interruption.

This is where aXseum shines. In less than 48 hours we were able to get 350 people deployed to 75 education centers around the world. We were able to succeed because of our commitment to staff and our reputation as an organization that cares for people and Soldiers.

The ACES project started in 2006 and the Army extended our contract in 2010. As the project (and those like it) continues, we measure and track location-based client needs, vacancies, budgets, and unexpected needs for service. These insights allow us to produce an efficient and effective labor mix at all times.

And we do it all in service to the Soldier.

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