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Axseum Knows How To Build Valuable Partnerships

Aug 19, 2015

ARLINGTON, VA – As a government contractor for the past 13 years, aXseum has learned some important lessons.  In particular, we’ve learned the significance of relationships and their importance to survivability.  In a market where more and more companies compete for scarce opportunities, it helps to maintain good relationships with not only the customer and teaming partners, but industry rivals as well.  There may come a time when you require a capability from a competitor to complete the solution you’re offering to the customer.   While this may seem obvious, not every company “plays nicely” with others.  With such a large number of contractors out there vying for the same dollars, companies can’t afford to make enemies.

For instance, imagine you are the prime working on a proposal and can’t reach agreement with a subcontractor over work-share. This subcontractor then decides to build their own team knowing they have the winning solution.  You end up scrambling to find a new subcontractor while your former subcontractor submits a superior proposal and takes home a nice contract award. If only you could have reached a compromise on work-share, you’d be celebrating an award together.  Instead, you have probably lost the chance to partner with this company in the future and you may have taken a hit to your reputation.

The Government Customer is no different. While working with your government clients you need to be able to cultivate relationships. Take time to actually find out more about the COR on your project. What do they like about this program?  What would they like to see done differently?  What would they do if they had a magic wand for a day?  This may also seem obvious, but many firms focus so strongly on trying to bring in new business, they neglect the opportunity right in front of them.  Even if your actions with the Client don’t result in additional business, you’re likely well on your way to developing strong past performance and references that will help secure other future business.

aXseum has received tremendous benefits from our relationships over the years.  A recent example is a strategic partnership we’ve developed with KEM and Associates.  Ken Miller, CEO and President of KEM and Associates, has become an important resource to aXseum for his invaluable advice, perspective, and knowledge of the government contracting world.  aXseum’s President and CEO, Michael Perez, comments “KEM is a trusted advisor and provider of market intelligence.  Ken Miller is a world class professional with whom we are proud to be associated.”

So the next time you are meeting with a client, a teaming partner, or even a stranger, make sure to treat them just like you would want to be treated.

aXseum Solutions, LLC founded in 2002, is headquartered in Arlington, VA, and conducts business in locations around the country and world. aXseum has proudly supported critical missions for the Department of Defense, USAID, and IRS with a client focused mindset. aXseum is a Minority owned ISO 9001:2008 certified small disadvantaged business with expertise in Project ManagementCapacity BuildingEnergyFinancial InfrastructureIT ServicesTraining and EducationHuman Resources, and Transparency.

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