aXseum's energy services provide support to every aspect of getting power where it's needed.


Energy Expertise

  • Minerals & Hydrocarbon Sector Growth
  • Hydrocarbon Markets Development & Growth
  • Power Plant Refurbishment & Optimization
  • Tender Management & Transparency Validation
  • Micro Hydro & Rural Electrification
  • Hydrocarbon Exploration
  • Pipeline Design & Construction
  • Production Sharing Agreements
  • Geological Surveys & Seismic Data Analysis
  • Vehicle Conversion to Clean Natural Gas

Client Success Stories

Revitalizing the Afghan Economy by Creating a Natural Gas Market Many emerging world countries have enormous natural resources to aid in the growth of local economies...
Ensuring Fair & Equitable Bidding for Access to Afghanistan’s Natural Resources Starting in 2010, aXseum has been assisting the Afghanistan Ministry of Mines in creating low-risk business opportunities for their country...
Refurbishing 92 Kilometers of Aging Pipeline in Afghanistan Energy infrastructure is the foundation for establishing thriving energy markets...