Measurable and sustainable results start with understanding the obstacles that hinder our clients' success. Then we work to solve the problem collaboratively.


Capacity Building Expertise

  • Economic Revitalization
  • Procurement & Tendering Process Development
  • Government Policy Reform
  • Continuing Education & Training
  • Facilitating Investor/Government Collaboration
  • Enhancement of Legal, Auditing, & Transparency Standards
  • Transitional Leadership

Client Success Stories

Army Recruits Are Able to Enlist Thanks to aXseum’s English Courses During 2008 the U.S. Army was in a big recruiting push. Their demands for new troops required that they look to non-English speaking citizens to join the Army...
1,000 CARGO TRUCK CONVOYS PER MONTH WITH ZERO INCIDENT RATE. SECURE FACILITIES AND TRANSPORTATION HUBS CREATED FOR THE SAFE STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION OF GOODS For years, ground transportation in Iraq was nearly impossible due to the frequency of insurgent attacks on cargo convoys...
Ensuring Fair & Equitable Bidding for Access to Afghanistan’s Natural Resources Starting in 2010, aXseum has been assisting the Afghanistan Ministry of Mines in creating low-risk business opportunities for their country...
15,000 Soldiers Taken Out of Harm’s Way in Afghanistan After the successful implementation of the Iraqi Transportation Network (ITN), the Department of Defense again turned to aXseum to develop a sustainable logistics network in Afghanistan...