About Hans
If there is a problem, Hans can solve it.
About Hans
Hans is able to think outside the box to come up with solutions for even the most mind-boggling issues.
About Hans
Hans is a great process thinker.


Hans Waschitzki joined aXseum in 2011 and has quickly become a leader in solving problems and creating financial management excellence to support aXseum’s worldwide operations. Hans is known for his analytical ability to dissect problems, determine viable solutions, and then implement systems and processes to support those solutions.

Hans is highly respected on the aXseum team for his ability to jump into any situation and provide support and guidance. His “MBSS” (management by spreadsheet) is legendary and contributes to aXseum’s success in innumerable ways. Hans has successfully transitioned aXseum to management systems and budget solutions to ensure that aXseum operations are accounted for with the highest integrity.

  • family focused
  • distance runner
  • crossfit enthusiast
  • girl scout leader
  • 2011 | Joined aXseum
  • 1998 | BridgeStreet Worldwide
  • 1994 | Launched Select Services
  • 1992 | Operated Service Station
  • 1991 | Graduated University of Maryland
Focused Dedicated Analytical Helpful Problem Solving