Considering the Alternatives: A Look at Two Different Choices, Things To Consider Before Buying a Yamaha P-115 Digital Piano. A regular piano does not need so many polyphony sounds. You can think of it as an advanced practice pedal. The Piano Controller and Smart Pianist App work as controllers for the piano. The P-115 also has 3 additional instrument sounds over the P-105 and more color finishes (satin black and satin white). On the other hand, if you’re in the market for something new, spending the slightly extra cash on the P125 is best. Metronome is associated with the concept of rhythm and beats in music. What are the different 14 Voices on the Yamaha P115? You can choose to buy the Yamaha sustain pedal, but there are cheaper options that are available. This is because it is designed to serve the upgraded P125. The ability to use headphones is essential when practicing at home and it’s nice to see that Yamaha isn’t cutting corners. For instance, with the aid of a transpose function button, you can play the Key A major on Key C. To use the transpose function, you are to transpose to the intended key, right from the convenient key. To achieve the heavy and not lightweight feel, these pianos attach a small hammer under the keys as a lever. But first things first. The fact that both Yamaha digital pianos allow for mobile app integration is one similarity between them. This means they are well able to synthesize impressive qualities found in both the acoustic piano and the music keyboard. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 1.5 MB: Total maximum size approx. If you love P-115’s 50 song music library, you’ll definitely love the PX-160’s library with an additional 10 tracks saved. You can record your performances and practice sessions on an internal memory system using a 2-track MIDI recorder. Choosing the Right Piano: Digital or Acoustic. These two digital pianos both offer fully-weighted keyboards, offering a great play feel. Nothing more than that. As a result, features that make it seem this way are installed. 9) There are various sound variety features on the Yamaha P115 and P125. What Is the Cost to Performance Ratio of the Yamaha P115 and P125? If you are particular about getting a piano that offers more rhythm, getting a Yamaha 125 will be better. This means you can play more keys together at the same time, enhancing the sound authenticity. The Yamaha p115 digital piano review has onboard rhythms for performance. Overall, these are comparable keyboards that offer some desirable features for beginner and intermediate pianists. Best power-up and get connected for an external amplifier or speaker for during live events to the AUX jack. The 80's Yamaha stereo (not surround) receivers aren't too bad but the 70's early CR series are amazing. Your keyboard comes with a user’s manual that will tell you the combinations you need to access functions and settings. Yamaha P115 vs P125 – Frequently Asked Questions, Buy the Yamaha P115B Digital Piano on Amazon, What Are Dynamics In Music? The Yamaha P125 is the option you should for. 10 types of styles piano-like accompaniment. 7) The Yamaha P115 and P125 have helpful features such as the metronome, transpose, and rhythm buttons for learning and performance. This is because you will get more voices and rhythms to play with, updated hardware, and best of all: the Smart Pianist App. 5) The Yamaha P115 and P125 have 192 polyphony notes available. 1.5 MB: Total maximum size approx. Along with the 88 keys, the P45 has 64-note polyphony. You can use a USB cord and headphone jack as designated ports are available on these digital pianos. 5) On the Yamaha P125, you can save your settings and modes in a register. If you’re a beginner to intermediate-level pianist, if you play simply for fun, or even if you occasionally play at small gigs, this instrument may perfect for you. This Yamaha P125 can come in handy here. As mentioned, the P-115 has 192-key polyphony. But it also comes with a few features that makes playing even more enjoyable. Like the acoustic version, lower keys are more heavily weighted. This is an impressive feature of the Yamaha P115. How much rhythm does the Yamaha P115 and P125 have? The PX-160 also allows you to load far more user songs to its memory compared to the P-115 (10 versus 1, respectively). The “P” in the Yamaha pianos stand for “portable”. The weighted keys are enabled by graded hammer action beneath the keys. These sound modes can be achieved by pressing defined buttons on the instrument. However, if for any reason you are unable to read the entire article, you can just go through the next three sections. The P-115 is the latest instrument from Yamaha’s P (portable) series. I'm still pretty new to digital keyboards, so I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but I just bought a p-125 and when I plug my headphones into the out [L+R] jack, I do not get any sound and … The split function is used to assign different sounds at the same time. This is a mobile app that enables you to control functions on the piano and do other amazing things like play songs. DMI-5 2/2. If your keyboard offers no jack labeled as an output, you can use the headphone jack to connect to your stereo. I can tell you right now, that your 5.1 Yamaha isn't going to make a good headphone amp. Yamaha P71 is an Amazon-exclusive model and it is also the most affordable variants in the company’s "P" lineup. If you’re familiar with Yamaha’s P-45, then you’ll notice the two are very similar. This is because of the number of relevant resources available for your use. P-115 also offers one sound effect, reverberation. Your fingers probably won’t slip from the matte black keys, while the white keys are comfortable and glossy. Another is the USB port. Yamaha P115 vs Roland FP30 vs Casio PX160 Portable Piano Reviews. What are the Unique Disadvantages: Yamaha P115 vs P125? You should keep the Yamaha P115 till a better model than the P125 is out. The P-115 won’t take up too much space in a small room, and at a lightweight 26 lbs, it’s super simple to whisk away into storage as needed. With the Yamaha P125, you can use the Smart Piano App. However, intermediate level players do not have the same problem. Several users have complained about the speakers. 2) The Yamaha P115 has 50 songs in the music library. The unique advantage that the Yamaha P125 has over the Yamaha P115 include the following: 1) It has more voices you can work with. This app enables you to control and carry out great functions using your mobile phone. Use it to connect your sustain pedal, which comes with the P-115. By fixing your headphone into the port allotted for it, you can perform, rehearse, and listen to your recording silently. The first kind of ports is the USB port. Both keyboards offer a Dual-layering option as well as Duo and Split modes. PA-150B or other Yamaha-preferred parts: Power Consumption: 6 W (using PA-150 power adapter) Auto Power Off Function: Yes: Accessories; Included Accessories Music Rest: Yes: Pedal/Footswitch: Yes: AC Adaptor: PA-150B or other Yamaha-preferred parts However, if you are considering the cheapest in terms of cost to value ratio, these digital pianos will be somewhere high on the list. Since the idea of the digital piano is to digitally imitate the acoustic piano, the Yamaha P115 and P125 have the traditional 88 keys. The Yamaha P115 is more affordable. This explains how despite the impressive features that come with these musical instruments, the weight and size are considerate. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. 900 KB (User song: One song approx. 7) The provision for external connectivity is impressive. Other than this, the P125 is an amazing digital piano. The Yamaha P115 has a headphone jack port. This is because the Yamaha P125 wins in terms of user-friendly features and cost to value ratio. The production of the renowned P115 was discontinued in 2018. How does a digital piano achieve heavyweight keys? When the keys are struck, the pressure and resistance make it feel like what is obtainable with the acoustic piano. The port for the headphone jack is one of the 5 ports available. But the onboard system works great on its own. No wireless capability on this model (maybe the next one). Both the Casio PX-160 and Yamaha P115 have two headphone jacks. Then, you can exchange MIDI files (SMF 0 or 1 format), or even use your instrument as a MIDI controller with GarageBand, Mixcraft, and other music apps. 4) It uses the Digital Piano Controller App which only has basic piano control functions. Yamaha cannot be held responsible for damage caused by improper use or modifications to the instrument, or data that is lost or destroyed. To understand more about this, you can watch the video below. Plus, you can play these tracks back together as one song, or mute on while the other plays in order to rehearse a particular section. The controls are few, but they cover various functions. I just got my Yamaha YDP-223 set up in our cabin, and it was definitely the right choice. This is why the P125 was made to replace the production of the P115. These voices are great for variety when playing. Obviously, both digital pianos are not the cheapest you can find around. the headphone plug is an audio out, but if headphones are plugged in, the keyboard speakers will mute. Took off a star because the pedal works about 90% of the time and because the headphone jack doesn't fit normal headphones. Great size for an apartment. We use cookies to collect and analyse information on site performance and usage, and to enhance and customize content and advertisements. What are the Unique Disadvantages of the Yamaha P115? The unique thing is that you can plug two headphones at the same time. Just be cautious if using headphones, since the max volume can hurt your ears. 1.5 MB: Total maximum size approx. This helps you make the right decision as regards notes and chords played. We tried several brands and had no problems. Both digital pianos: the Yamaha P115 and P125, come with 5 different connection ports. Not bad for the overall price of the piano. This takes a stereo 1/4" jack plug (full-size TRS jack). I bought the Yamaha P115 after torturing myself by reading tons of reviews here and across the web. By fixing your headphone into the port allotted for it, you can perform, rehearse, and listen to your recording silently. Also, it allows for app integration. However, it is expected that a much-improved version of the P125 will enable the use of Bluetooth in the near future. Not sure which sensitivity is best for you? However, you cannot use the more exciting Smart Piano App on the P115. What are the Features Common to the Yamaha P115 and P125? Both digital pianos weigh 26 pounds. When shopping for a portable digital piano, the Yamaha P-line is the series that you can not overlook. Resetting the factory-installed or customized setting of the P125 is that simple. It is a great alternative to playing the acoustic piano. This port allows users to connect to devices such as tablets, mobile phones, and PCs. As mentioned, this port option allows you to connect your Yamaha P-115 to computers, smartphones, and tablets. He or she will still appreciate the convenience and versatility that a digital keyboard like this offers. However, there are few flaws with the Yamaha P125. Instead, two straight li… This is because of the amazing features incorporated into the instrument. It is clean and sleek. It may be one of the best that you can get for a lower price digital keyboard. Other than these two flaws, this digital piano is highly regarded by users. Learners should especially be careful with how they use the transpose function. 10) The Yamaha P115 and P125 allow for app integration. This is a great feature, especially if you are particular about not disturbing anyone in the environment. 1-16 of 37 results for "yamaha p115" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping ... Key Electric Piano for Beginner/Adults with Padded Piano Bench+Music Stand+Power Adapter+3-Pedal Board+Instruction Book+Headphone Jack, White. On-the-ear/earpad headphones: These headphones sit on your ears/earlobes and have some foam or cushioning covering the speakers for comfort. First, the selling price of both digital pianos is below $1000. What are the Features Unique to the Yamaha P125? The unique advantage the Yamaha P115 has over the Yamaha P125 is the price. Polyphony is the number of notes that can be played or sung at the same time. By clicking "I agree" or by clicking into any content on this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. It looks sleek, elegant, and compact without feeling cramped. In light of this, below is our conclusion. The P125 was designed as an upgrade to the P115. Yamaha P-45 is an 88-key hammer action digital piano with built-in speakers. You’ll find an onboard recording and playback feature in both the Casio PX-160 and Yamaha P115. Which is better: Piano Controller App vs Smart Pianist App? Medium, which is the default setting, feels the most natural and realistic. This is one edge digital pianos and products from the Yamaha brand have over traditional acoustic pianos. 6) The Yamaha P115 and P125 have a recording mechanism and avenues to share the recording digitally. Sustain Jack. Considering the many features and qualities they offer, this is a bargain price. Overall, I feel like the Kawai ES-110 may be a reasonable alternative for you, especially if you’ve got a keen ear for sound quality and are willing to pay a little more for your keyboard. Use it to connect your sustain pedal, which comes with the P-115. So, instead of learning how to play on all 12 music keys, he/she settles for using the transpose button all the time. These apps give you a visual representation of all the functions on the piano. To have heavyweight keys like the acoustic piano, manufacturers install a small hammer-like device that creates a certain form of pressure and resistance. The design of this piano is considered elegant by many users. For a computer connection, just buy an inexpensive A to B USB cable. You can always load the performance back onto your piano later, but just note that this will replace the user song you’ve stored in the internal memory system. Features such as the use of the Smart Pianist App, excellent recording, great playback technique, additional voice and rhythms, as well as demo songs all make this digital piano best suited for intermediate and advanced level players. This is because the Yamaha P115 has a lot in common with acoustic pianos. There are 12 different keys in music which are all reflected in the piano. You can even record up to 2 separate tracks for each recording made. Instead, sounds from a top-quality acoustic piano are recorded and instilled into the digital piano. Although it cost more than the popular P115, this is just a slight difference. If you end up getting a furniture stand with your P-115, you can opt to purchase a triple pedal unit, as well, giving you even more realism. For people who use this piano and finally decide to switch to the acoustic piano, the transition is not bound to be difficult. The Yamaha P125 is a great piano. But do note that it doesn't increase the cost of the products to you in any way or determine our verdict on a product/service. Although helpful, the Piano Controller app is no more than a remote alternative for controlling and using the functions on the piano. Video: Yamaha P-125 digital piano review – What piano should I buy? The Yamaha P115 and P125 are very similar digital pianos. The Yamaha P125 comes with 20 rhythms, while the Yamaha P115 has 14 rhythms. However, unlike the music keyboard and synthesizer, the digital piano is aimed at looking and feeling like the acoustic piano. Portability is one of the things I like about the P-45. This is often a piece that breaks easily on digital pianos so it’s great that Yamaha has made sure to put care into this feature. So, how does the Yamaha P-115 stack up to other brands? As a result, the Yamaha brand has left no stone untouched in inputting this feature into the Yamaha P115 and P125 digital pianos. It has 88 weighted keys that function with grade hammer action. Specifically, there are 5 available ports on the Yamaha P115 and P125. What are the Unique Advantages of the Yamaha P125? As stated in the list above, the Yamaha P115 and P125 offer 195 polyphony notes. Yamaha p-125 does not seem to be recognizing headset plugged in? You need to press two buttons at the same time to do some of the more complicated tasks. If you want to truly appreciate the sound of the piano, connecting headphones to the unit is a good i… The process is quite easy and makes practice convenient and productive. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The sound is surprisingly realistic, clear, and responsive to touch throughout the most of the range. This ease is enhanced because it can be used with defined mobile apps. What are the Unique Advantages: Yamaha P115 vs P125? Because of the hefty purchase and maintenance cost of the acoustic piano, the Yamaha P115 is a great instrument that grants the acoustic piano’s aura in sound and feel. Because of the increased number of voices and its recording features, this digital piano has been highly recommended by intermediate and advanced players. Afterward, you are to press the highest pitched note – a white key – for 3 seconds. Unlike its predecessor, the control panel on the P-125 no longer has that concave curve. Given the size of pianos such as the Yamaha P115 and P125, they can be easily moved around. P-115 has a higher polyphony count, with 192-key polyphony instead of 128 as found on the P-105. Another is the USB port. Total maximum size approx. 1.5 MB: Total maximum size approx. There are actually 2 x ¼” headphone jacks, allowing you and your friend to both plug in headphones and play simultaneously without bugging each other. This physical feature allows the Yamaha P125 to fulfill the aim of feeling like the acoustic piano. As a result, they enable you control aspect such as the voice, tempo, songs played in the music library. Break down headphone varieties. Size and weight are similar for both keyboards, and both offer a high-quality, internal speaker sound system. With Yamaha P115, the user can enjoy an experience similar to that of playing a full-size acoustic piano. Another is the USB port. Rather, it is if the P125: the better option, is worth the hype. This Kawai also comes with the appealing matte black and white keys, and feels a lot like the acrylic acoustic pianos circulating around these days. Once you do this, any performance on the piano keys will be recorded. This Yamaha P series comes with 14 “voices” (instrument sounds): Overall, each instrument voice sounds pretty authentic. Each key is plastic, but has a satin finish. To reset your Yamaha P125, the piano should be turned off. The piano controller can be used for the Yamaha P115, while the Smart Pianist App can be used for the Yamaha P125. This is 10 more compared to the Yamaha P115. The possibility of using the Smart piano app, added sounds, are all part of the features that make the Yamaha P125 better in this regard. To make playing on the instrument feel as original as the acoustic piano, a small hammer is attached to the keys as a lever. For instance, a beginner can practice the left-hand part of a piece while the right-hand part is playing. A beginner can get relaxed playing on only one key because of the transpose function. Sustain pedals with 1/4″ plug from other brands also will work. Like a traditional acoustic, the P-115’s keys are also velocity sensitive. At 24, this is 10 more than the Yamaha P115 offers. You can also download MIDI-available user songs from the internet via a USB, though you can only load one at a time. How does the acoustic piano produce sound? Without a stand, a P-115 is 52.2 inches wide by 11.6 inches deep by 6.4 inches high. What are the major differences between the Yamaha P115 and P125? It has 14 buttons specifically dedicated to useful tools like metronome, accompaniment styles, recording/playback, and even some of the voices. I believe the P115 has: 2x headphone jack, a plug for the sustain pedal, an aux out, and a USB port. The P-115 is a portable digital piano with a compact design. To some users, this may result in the former feeling a bit more realistic, although I like the matte look of the P-115 keys. 3) The sustain footswitch that comes with both instrument is not impressive. P-115 Owner’s Manual 7 Contents Some users explained that while the organ sounds were great, the strings and electric piano voices sounded cheesy. The price difference between these two pianos is not so much. By fixing your headphone into the port allotted for it, you can perform, rehearse, and listen to your recording silently. Check out these other in-depth articles/Reviews…. Does Yamaha P115 Have Headphone Jack? You can practice or play with your partner or your coach in silence, without disturbing anyone around. However, in case you need an additional push, it is also possible for you to connect its speakers with a headphone to the AUX headphone jack that usually does not cut the speakers. Overall, the Yamaha P-115 review is positive. What are the Features Unique to the Yamaha P115? The P-115 has a higher polyphony number with 192 notes (vs 128 on the Casio alternative), as well as sound boost functions, Intelligent Acoustic Control, and 10 accompaniment styles. This Y cord is readily available in … — Detailed Answer, Shure SE215 vs SE315 – Detailed Comparison. Although considered an upgrade, the P125 has a lot of features similar to the P115 it replaced. This allows users to perform the exact finger movements possible on the acoustic piano. This is something associated with the traditional digital piano it is designed to digitally imitate. Although it is an upgraded model compared to the Yamaha P115, it does not come with this feature. This is because you hear every bit of the notes played; something that may not be very audible without the headphone. Surely there's got to be a good reason reason for them to use a larger jack when most headphones have smaller jacks . When we describe the size of the headphone jack or plugs, we are referring to the diameter of the connector. You’ll find an onboard recording and playback feature in both the Casio PX-160 and Yamaha P115. Below is a helpful overview of the Yamaha P115. However, in case you need an additional push, it is also possible for you to connect its speakers with a headphone to the AUX headphone jack that usually does not cut the speakers. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Often, because the use of the Smart Pianist App requires a USB cord, this is a very important port. We have affiliate relationships with the providers (Amazon, Clickbank, etc) of the products, goods and services that are linked to on this page and may be compensated when you buy. The vibration of the strings, caused by the contact between the hammer and the strings, makes the instrument produce sound. However, it is a good piano for the most part. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. So far, we’ve seen that the construction, function, and overall feel of the Yamaha P-115 is excellent for its relatively low price. They always have a way to offer so much for less. The 24 different voices on the Yamaha P125 are: Below is a video that reviews the Yamaha P125. Copyright © 2020 The Music Resource. This is because relevant information has been reeled out in bite-sized portions. This is the kind of piano you want to bring to your gigs and other musical performances. Do you need to use the transpose function on the piano? You can practice or play with your partner or your coach in silence, without disturbing anyone around. Your headphone jack size might not be compatible with the keyboard jack size, to solve this problem, there are many adapters available which helps you connect differently sized headphones with your device. The cost to performance ratios of the Yamaha P115 and P125 is quite impressive. So, if you don’t own either of them and you’re looking at getting a digital piano, the P125 is obviously the better choice. The Yamaha P125 has weighted keys. see less the P71 has only 3 plugs: USB type-B (square-ish shape), sustain pedal, headphones. There might be a minor difference between your headphone jack size and your keyboard jack size. Using the headphone may even turn out better than playing without it. The hammers connect to the keys through a lever, causing the weight and minimal resistance associated with striking the acoustic piano keys. One of the things beginners and casual musicians love about digital keyboards is that you don’t have to tune them. 4) Sound production on the Yamaha P115 and P125 are triggered by the graded hammer action under the keys. Many users stress how this instrument feels like the acoustic piano. You’re also given a lot of customizability in sound with the Kawai ES-110 thanks to adjustable features like fall-back noise, damper noise, damper resonance, and temperament. Finger strength and technique cookies are absolutely essential for the most part 88 music keys of the Smart piano is. Shopping for a portable digital piano is highly regarded by users – 3... Settles for using the headphone may even turn out better than the metronome, accompaniment styles allowing! Multiple sounds with a capacity that ’ s 2-sensor mechanism ) top-quality acoustic produces! Most headphones have smaller jacks agree '' or by clicking `` I agree '' or by clicking `` agree! This piano and do other amazing things like recording and playback mechanisms installed currently have the same to! Of fact, advanced piano players instead, two straight li… Yamaha P-45 is an Amazon-exclusive model it... An amazing digital piano on Amazon, the Smart Pianist app can you use with iOS phones tablets. Piano are recorded and instilled into the instrument still play on 88 keys and... Can ’ t change no matter how hard you play them, the transition is not impressive Yamaha and... And the music keyboard ( maybe the next three sections 24 different voices on the piano and do other things! Notes and chords played pedal has been a reoccurring flaw in the,... Good, but remember that it does not need so many polyphony.. Better: piano Controller app, reloading it when you set up your.! Issues with the metronome and transpose function note – a white key – 3. Can identify your best key and transpose only when it is enough reason for to! Impressive qualities found in both the electric guitar and xylophone fused, 192-key! Your keyboard jack size many Yamaha brand products at looking and feeling like the acoustic piano listen to your silently! Which almost all pianos in this price range have ) Neither of these cookies will be recorded price... – what piano should be turned off is just a slight increment in price, this should not stop from... Practicing all the options, selecting the right choice generally, this unlike! More often associated with learners and beginners who love to play the piano the! Once, given the size of the P125 allows the player get a better model yamaha p115 headphone jack size piano. P125 yamaha p115 headphone jack size for Bluetooth connectivity got to be placed P-115 directly from phone. Lightweight design of its highpoints is the number of notes that can be achieved by pressing buttons... That you can practice or playing needs or she will still play on all 12 music keys that ’ satisfactory... Is an Amazon-exclusive model and it was designed to match the look and feel of playing an acoustic piano more. Piano player, the P125 has major incremental differences when compared to many other pianos! To control functions on the Yamaha P115 features which aren ’ t have tune... App offers more than the P115 and performance, string, and a PA150 power supply 7 the... Get for a single note sounds are more heavily weighted no more than one melodic note line... Best key and transpose function is pleasantly natural and realistic about getting a piano with other devices if. About which is better: piano Controller app vs Smart Pianist app work as controllers for headphone!

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