Pruning Gooseberries Started by Mr B on Grow Your Own. Andrew – Thanks so much for such a detailed, though easy to follow, plan for pruning gooseberries. Other summer fruit pruning you can do now includes gooseberries. I will wait and do it in early March. Hi there, I bought a gooseberry plant from a pound store in summer, and planted it in my garden in a fairly sunny spot. The basics of shrub pruning (video) Discover eight reasons to prune in summer, below. scalping) my bushes. It is not recommended to carry out pruning pruning in early autumn: this may affect the growth of new shoots that do not have time to woody before the onset of cold weather and will die. Use a pair of sterilized hand shears to cut away the other growth to the main stem of the plant. Prune off all 3-year-old branches to make room for more fruitful, younger branches. Each spring, prune away weak and crowding branches, leaving only several shoots from each year’s growth. Pruning gooseberries A gooseberry bush becomes tangled and unhealthy without pruning. 5 Replies 2124 Views October 16, 2010, 08:00 by Pip Judgeford : best advice on pruning gooseberries … I was going to prune mine shortly so am glad I listened to your video before tackling (i.e. The following is a video of me pruning a fuchsia-flowering gooseberry (Ribes speciosum).I certainly hope it is helpful because it is definitely embarrassing! Pruning Tips. Choose 5 of the strongest and thickest-looking stems coming off the main stem of the bush. Good management means keeping the centre open to air and sunlight, … This is also the time to prune out any branches that are weak, competing or crossing. After pruning, light will be able to reach fruit and the trained tree’s outline will be clear. Gooseberries bear fruit on 2- to 3-year-old branches. Gooseberry upkeep: Pruning should be done initially in March, removing all crowded, unwanted, very old or damaged growth My son gave me a standard gooseberry two years ago … It looked like it was doing OK but towards autumn it was looking a little off colour, and in winter it has lost all of its leaves. 5 Replies 1948 Views June 27, 2009, 02:03 by barney rubble : Pruning Gooseberries Started by Snap Dragon on Grow Your Own. When to Prune Gooseberries. ... Pruning in summer helps to avoid infection, as the fungal spores are airborne between September and May. Gooseberries produce best on 1-year wood. Trim their side shoots back to five leaves. Photo: Shutterstock What else needs pruning now? Video: Spring Gooseberry Pruning If you are not able to cut the gooseberries in the spring, then you can do it in the fall. When pruning, a good rule of thumb is to keep a ratio fruit bearing limbs by leaving 2-4 shoots each of 1-, 2- and 3-year-old wood. The main thing is to carefully and timely implement all the recommendations for this event, and the bush will respond to this with health and a plentiful harvest. [1] Video: Autumn pruning of gooseberries Trimming gooseberries does not carry any difficulties and on the shoulder, even a novice gardener. It is my hope that with time I will get better at this video thing, but for the time being, please bear with my amateur attempts. ... Pruning a gooseberry bush. For a complete background on how to grow gooseberry plants, we recommend starting from the beginning. Also, prune out any shoots that are older than 3 years of age. I live … Start pruning year-one gooseberry bushes in the early spring.

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