Look out for the mines and swim right through the door then go immediately right again. The Colonel will now keep calling you with increasingly strange messages. After you've reached the guard, he'll be facing away from you. Once in here, answer every Codec call you receive until Rose calls, after which there will be a cut-scene. If the Cyphers are getting on your nerves, shoot them (you can get them with one shot, if you hit the lower part) or use a CHAFF GRENADE to jam their electronics. To go to this walkthrough now click here. Use some PENTAZEMIN if you need it. Find all our Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Questions and Answers for PlayStation 2. Another cut-scene will start and when it's over you'll be back in the corridor, minus your balaclava, so the guards will shoot you on sight. Holy hell this is a good game. This Walkthrough is written for the normal difficulty level. If done correctly he will never get an attack on you and the battle will be over fairly quick. Pick up the RATION and go through the doorway into the circular room. Then walk onto the belt and it will take you to another area in Strut E. In there you will find the Digital Camera. You can also plant ONE claymore on one side of the "pool" (try not stepping on it) so if Vamp attacks from that side, he goes to the water. In this game you start out as Solid Snake in the Tanker chapter, however 90% of the game you play as Raiden in the Plant chapter. You won't be able to get to the B-C Connecting bridge from there since the door is shut down. Plans: Walkthrough. You get to have a practice with it for a short while, just make sure you don't slash Snake by mistake (if you do, however, Snake will shoot at you and call you a "moron"). The bomb can be tricky to see, here's a video to its location. Then go through the door at the other end of the room. NEXT. Once they turn around, stand up and begin following them. If you want to leave the bridge intact, then you can lean on the railing and either shimmy across on the bridge or shimmy across beneath the railing. This Walkthrough is written for the normal difficulty level. Log in then go all the way round the other side. In the plant: In the parcel room (strut E), climb onto the counter top by the conyeror belt, and use your boxes to get around the plant. Avoid the guards and head through the door at the bottom onto the E-F CONNECTING BRIDGE. . Go down the stairs to the lower level of the bridge to avoid the guard looking down from the opposite roof. Enter the door into the next area. Different boxes take you to different places. He should be right by the C4 so detonate it, blowing him into the water. Pick up the BANDAGE and go over to the chain link fence in the upper left hand corner. Also, you can place some claymores on the floor, so the explosion gets Fatman off his toes and you can attack. In the beginning, you were allowed to select only the "Tanker-Plant" or the "Tanker" chapter. Go down the corridor and into the small room on the left to find a Node. Then go through the Southeast door at the bottom, which will lead you through a short corridor that brings you outside. After yet another cut-scene you'll end up here. Go through the doorway on the right then go left, and then right again. Get 218 dog tags throughout each difficulty of the Plant story (Tanker dog tags don't matter for the achievements, but they will be included for the sake of having a complete walkthrough). On the third section of the fence are some more Claymores, so take them out before Emma gets there or it's game over. Chuck a CHAFF GRENADE every now and again to scramble their radars and prevent them from using rockets against you. Now use the COOLANT SPRAY on it then climb out of the stack of crates. The program was initiated by The Patriots in order to control world Keep an eye on your radar. Reproduction is prohibited by law. Translation by. MGS2 Plant 32- More Underwater Guidance, Report. Watch out for gaps in the bridge! Start a new game and equip the wig you have unlocked. Grand Game Plan. Once you've finished with the bombs, follow Fatman around. The FAQ for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty plus great forums and game help. Go downstairs and search for Ames using the DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONE to listen for his pacemaker, which makes a beeping sound to accompany his heartbeat. Though he can't use them if you have shot all the lights out. Walk forward and watch the very long cut-scene. Also, shoot from with the RGB6 the instant he comes from the water to your level. Once inside, you should equip your B.D.U and AKS-74u so you don't have to worry about the camera that's in front of the door. When it's over you'll have ten seconds to equip your AKS-74u (if you get out your M9 and try and take Ocelot's dog tags, it will not work) before Ocelot arrives, but don't move anywhere or else you'll be discovered. Shoot or avoid the guards and cameras and head back out to the bridge. To find it, simply drag Fatman's body away from the bomb. Now exit the room and head over to the left to find the other room which contains the M4, M4 AMMO and PSG1 AMMO (hidden in duct on the left side of the room - you won't be able to get this yet). I … Get up onto the container and fire a Nikita missile into the vent. Get out of the lift and log into the Node on the right. Go through into the room with all the crates in. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Walkthrough 2. Before you move, however, equip your MINE DETECTOR as mines have been placed on the roof. Aim to destroy the transformer in the corner. Give it a good kick so it will fall down, or just close it to reveal the next C4 bomb (video walkthrough to this location). One at the bottom of the stairs in front of you. First log into the Node in the top right-hand corner of the room and pick up BOX 4, AKS-74u AMMO and the DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONE over on the left and the BANDAGE from beneath the desk. Increase grip strength: Press L2 + R2 100 times when hanging on a ledge to do pull-ups. To access the different parts of the walkthrough, use the contents below. In other words, game over, you're dead! Once the cut-scene ends you'll be back in Strut E with 300 seconds to get to Shell 1 Core, B2. Contents Tanker, Part 1 Tanker, Part 2 Plant, Part 1 Plant, Part 2 Plant, Part 3 Plant, Part 4 Plant, Part 5 Plant, Part 6 I N T R O D U C T I O N [MGS2_01] _____ _____ Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, a game I genuinely think is one of the all-time greats. Once again, look out for the Gun Cyphers and when you're halfway across go left towards the core. Head back to the lift and go to 1F. Strut A Deep Sea Dock When you first arrive here you will be experiencing some series deja vu if you played the original Metal Gear Solid. Plant Chapter. When it ends, get ready for a tough Boss fight. Quickly shoot the guards with your M9. These are the codec frequencies: Tanker Chapter: 141.12: Otacon; 140.96: Otacon-SAVE; Plant Chapter: 140.85: Colonel; 140.96: Rosemary; 140.25: Peter Stillman true seeker total posts: 1070 since: Feb 2002. Flip back onto the catwalk, plant another C4, flip back over and wait for him again. The cartwheel can also be effective, so use that as often as you can. Obviously, there will be spoilers. Simply hang over either railing and shimy across to the other side. Another will then jump into the centre. Exit the room and watch another long, awesome cut-scene. The PSG1-T is in the vent in the same room as the standard PSG1 (normal difficulty or below). And now that you did read all this you know what you have to do, it all ends up with what he already said, he plants a bomb, you disarm the bomb and then (he didn't say that) you shoot him in … This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements. The Harrier will fly off for brief periods then come back with all guns blazing or do a fly-by (open for an attack), the force of which will knock you down. Use any air pockets you come to. If done correctly this gives you an oportunity to put him into a chokehold and take him out. You'll take on all-new enemies, journeying from the heart of New York City to the depths of the hottest desert. You can pick up the SOCOM ammo after the battle if you like. Look out for the mines here and open the door at the end. Alternate title screen. Whenever you block or avoid his attacks, slash him as much as you can. Make sure you visit the upstairs section and search the rooms for the M9 if you don't have it yet. MGS2's plot is full of many complexing twists. When this is equiped you will have unlimited ammunition and not have to reload. But take care not to kill him as this will result in a game over. Press CIRCLE to swim. Collect all dog tags and successfully complete the game and save. There will be some SOCOM AMMO there if you need it. Take out all the guards here and lead Emma back out to the bridge that you used to get into the Core. Fatman will randomly place a few C4 bombs around the roof and you must use SENSOR A to find them and use the COOLANT SPRAY to defuse them before the time runs out, so keep on your toes. You can equip the B.D.U and AKS-74u now if you like, but this is optional. Crawl along the ground to pick up the Claymores before going through the door at the other end. If you can shoot a grenade into the "pool" first, and instantly knock Vamp off when coming out of the water, you will deal some serious damage. Once the cut-scene is over, you will realize that there is one more bomb to defuse. It is an M9. Get out of the water via the ladder and crawl into a Small gap near some bugs. Pick up the SOCOM AMMO and then go through the door on the left. Once the cut-scene is over, head back to the Parcel Room. Deflect his knives by shooting them in FPV. Stock up on ammo and RATIONS, dodge his attacks the best you can and you'll eventually beat him. Now head to the door beyond where the flames were and watch the cut-scene in which Emma gives you a LEVEL 5 CARD KEY. All VR missions and characters. Head downstairs via the upper right stairwell, and into the northeastern most door on the bottom floor. SO here's a little bit about the story. Unfortunately this makes your MINE DETECTOR useless. Once inside the elevator, press the button 'B2'. This article is a list of collectible dog tags in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Walk over the KO-ed guards, if you have the M9, tranquilize them. As the trophy description says, beat both scenarios on any difficulty to obtain this trophy. Once back in here again, head towards the bottom of the screen and enter the next room. Once he's defeated, watch the REALLY long cut-scenes. Due to the nature of the game there are 2 separate walkthroughs for the game. Two at the bottom of the stairs in front of you. Go back The way you came and up the stairs and open the lockers for another RATION. On the ledge below and to the right of the bridge. Go into the elevator and watch the cut-scene during which you'll be placed inside Arsenal Gear. ( It is also possible to find the corpse of Peter Stillman floating in a room to the bottom right of B1. His attacks mainly consist of throwing blades at you but when he's on your level he may charge at you and use his knife. Easy! Shoot the Claymores that are in her path, then concentrate on taking out guards and Cyphers. Avoid doing so if you can, as HQ will send an attack team if the guard on the lower level doesn't report to HQ. After watching the cutscene, you can do 4 things: There is a RATION in this rectangular area in front of you when you are on the bridge. Crawl through the hole in the fence and go through the nearby door to the south. When one is destroyed, another will appear and take it's place. If you're looking for a thrill, tap on the wall when one of the guards are near you and press Square with no weapons equipped and put him in a chokehold. Shell 2 Core B1, Filtration Chamber No. Walkthrough: Plant, Part 1. Answer this Question. Th Gener Use the PSG1, take some PENTAZEMIN and put on the THERMAL GOGGLES. Make your way quickly to STRUT E (press START to bring up the map screen if you get lost. This method does not work on extreme or hard so try it. The other 4 are in Plant scenario and will require collecting every dog tag in the Plant scenario. He'll give you a LEVEL 2 CARD KEY, B.D.U., and a CELL PHONE. When you're done, exit through the door on the left. Drop down onto it and walk along it (watch not to slip on the bird 'stuff'), before climbing up the ledge on the right at the end. Once you get up here by going through the Parcel Room, head up to the Heliport by going up the stairs. Once they're defused, go back up the stairs, round to the right and through the door. You will now be thrown into your next Boss fight with Fatman. Then, go up the steps and open the middle locker to find a RATION. You can ignore them but some are worth listening to for sheer comedy value. Watch the cut-scene, then you have to guide Emma back the way you came through the water - head for the room where you fought Vamp. Once you've finished entering your details, the guards will start to wake up if you didn't tranquilize them, so hurry and hide somewhere, and when the elevator comes down, get on it. Box 1: Strut C Box 2: Strut B Box 3: Strut A Box 4: Strut F Box 5: Strut E . Once you get round the corner flip over the rail and drop onto the bridge below. Since you've already damaged it, it won't take too much to destroy it. At the midpoint of the straightaway, there will be the door to the B-C Connecting bridge. Successfully complete the game and the title screen will turn blue. If you have a Turbo controller, now's the time to use it. Press TRIANGLE/Y in rapid succession to hold your breath and survive this torture. Open the door and listen to the CODEC conversation. Blood and Gore, Sexual Themes, Drug Reference, Language, Use of Tobacco, Intense Violence, The Best Black Friday Sales and Deals from Amazon, Best Buy, and Dell (Updated), Achievements / Trophies (MGS: Peace Walker), Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. The best way to kill them is to shoot them in the leg first, making them open their big, metal mouths. Basics. Peter Stillman brought a lot of interesting tools with him, for one the Sensor A that you now find in your inventory. He holds Emma hostage so you need to put a few bullets in his face (it is easier to hit him if you aim for the right shoulder. Use the various crates as cover and advance with Snake. Fire a rocket into their mouth (be quick) to do some serious damage. Take the second left and pick up the BODY ARMOUR then go back and right through the next door to find a set of stairs leading out of the water. Be sure to pick up the CHAFF GRENADES, STUN GRENADES, and SOCOM BULLET x12 along the way if you need it. Collect all dog tags and successfully complete the game and save. May 6, 02 at 7:42pm (PST) ^ re: M9 in normal mode: It's in Strut F... sahin. According to highly confidential information, there's now a new type of 'Metal Gear'. Always make sure you are aiming at the Harrier, so you do not mistake it for the Kasatka (yes, it happens; the game is over if you destroy the Kasatka) and, if you have the time, and skills to survive, switch weapons so Pliskin gives you ammo for free. Head back down the stairs and through the door back into the Parcel Room. I just use body armor then just dodge the attacks and hit them with the Stinger. You must make your way through this room while killing every one of the truck loads of guards, Snake will also help you. RAIDENS-PART 2 OF ‘MGS2:sol’-PLANT-First jump into the water and look for the THERMAL GOGGLES. If you're quick you may be able to get more than one shot in. Find every dog tags in the Plant chapter to obtain the Blue Wig: Hurt Locker (Bronze) Put an enemy in a locker: I Think You Need a Hug, E (Bronze) Locate Emma Emmerich: In It to Win It (Silver) Place first in 50 different VR/Alternative missions: Johnny on the Spot (Bronze) Hear Johnny's bowel noises in two locations: Kissing Booth (Bronze) Plant Chapter Home > Games > Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 2. The cut-scenes will continue here for a while until some Metal Gear RAYs arrive - this is your next Boss fight. Metal Gear Solid 2 is the second game in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, which came out back in 2001. Watch another cut-scene then cross the bridge. Go down the steps, shoot the guard and toss him in the water (there are a few places where you can do that). Take out your PSG1 and shoot the control units to disable them. Main Characters Story Gameshark Cheats Pictures Links Walkthrough Quiz Weapons Items Hints About Me Poll's How To's... FAQ Terms and Conditions Bosses Contact Me Sons Of Liberty Guestbook Quotes Other Very Easy. After picking up the tranquillizer, go through either door on the left (one upstairs and one downstairs) into the next section.

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