Yet more evidence that commercial brewers do not mash at 5.2 to 5.6 pH ... Make your own beer, they said. Both hard ciders are 6.9% abv (alcohol by volume). Top off with Blake’s Berry Cranders Hard Cider and stir to mix. INGREDIENTS. Blake's Hard Cider announces their new addition, Berry Cranders, a semi-sweet hard cider that features cranberry flavor with a hint of ginger. —Anna Mary Beiler, Strasburg, Pennsylvania Actually, there is a third type of person, too ⁠— the one for whom hard cider is a key ingredient in their cranberry sauce recipe! Any preservatives (look for 'sorbate' ar any similar words) will inhibit yeast activity. White Cranberry is a refreshing union of Blue Ridge apples paired with the distinctive flavor of white cranberries. This blueberry cider recipe assumes you know the basics of making your own hard cider. I mean, to each his own. Servings: 28 servings (based on 1.5 ounce alcohol/serving) All of that said, my dirty little secret is that if i add a full 750ml bottle of coffee syrup to the 5g keg (like huckberry), all the women in my life go nuts for it. Four gallons of apple juice – this can be from a local farm, grocery store or from concentrate. Adding colorful appeal to a wintertime meal is a easy—just turn to this tasty cider. We have 4 staple favorites that are always on our tasting board, as well as seasonal favorites that are only on tap for limited amount of time each season. Bourbon barrel cider, pineapple coconut and the most recent cranberry pomegranate cherry cider are the current favorites. Thanks for the easy recipe and giving me confidence to try the cranberry in my hard cider. I’m Jenna, but I got the nickname BiteSize in high school. Pasteur champagne yeast brix reading was 16. I also talk about some of the questions I receive in e-mails. Like why are… I think you set a new record for panic time! 1911 Cranberry hard cider is a semi-sweet cider that provides the perfect combination of classic American flavors. Ascorbic acid is OK. about 15 minutes, but its been a couple hours now an there is a foam on top. Blake’s Hard Cider launched the limited-edition Berry Cranders flavor, which contains notes of sweet apples, cranberry, a hint of ginger and spices. Add one ounce of the ginger syrup to an iced glass. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t like sweet hard ciders. of lalvin ec1118 yeast. Harvested just before peak freshness, white cranberries have a pronounced, bright tartness. This unique hard cider flavor is part of the Blake's Limited Series and will be available for purchase in stores and online mid-November, … Place cloves and cinnamon sticks on a double thickness of cheesecloth; bring up corners of cloth and tie with kitchen string to form a bag. If backsweatening with more cider, i keep adding cider until i get the taste i want in the glass, then take a gravity reading, then backsweaten the full volume until i get the same gravity. Instead of going over exactly what I did in the first video where I talk about the history of hard cider. STEP THREE:  Add one gallon of cranberry juice. A blog focused on homebrewing, local brewery reviews and recipes. I went to Costco and bought 4 gallons of 100% fresh pressed, albeit pasteurized, apple juice. Last week, I shared with you my go-to basic hard cider recipe. Facebook: video.php. Must come from all those summers I spent growing up on Cape Cod.). Did I mess up? 15 minutes?!!? Remarkably, Cidre de Pomme Cranberry Cider has only eight (8) grams of sugar and eighty (80) calories per twelve ounce bottle. True story: My husband loves canned cranberry sauce. Since 2012 we have been crafting a variety of hard ciders that are 6.8% and refreshing. Introduces Blueberry Hard Seltzer, Ecliptic Brewing Joins Black is Beautiful Campaign, Zupan’s Markets Partners with Ex Novo Brewing Company to Continue Their Farm to Market Lineup. I racked a hard cider last weeked and found myself with a big yeast cake that I didn’t want to wash down the sink.

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