That’s why pruning is so important. Pruning the upright Japanese maple involves four main steps. So the question is . . My tree is about 5' tall and 7' wide; I have no idea how to prune it. The best way to prune Japanese maples (Acer palmatum and Acer japonica) is to prune as little as possible. Your upright is usually larger and more “tree” like. Japanese maple trees can provide a striking focal point, be the perfect plant to set off a large container, or grow into an impressive bonsai specimen. So, I know about as much. I want to start a few projects this year that include putting 2 year old Japanese maple seedlings through a hole in a tile. So now let’s assume that you have a fairly mature weeping Japanese maple in your yard that really hasn’t been pruned, or hasn’t been pruned properly. 1. Washington County Oregon. For that I need to prune off some branches and the top of most of those seedlings in order to fit through the hole. is this tree too young to be pruning for structure? Examine the tree. It seems to me that the tree mentioned above is what I have. It was originally planted by a landscaper, who really didn’t know much about the tree, I suppose. I am not an expert or trained, I have just experimented with seedlings I have grown and am passing on what I … Japanese maples take very well to pruning and they are shaped regularly to keep them uniform as they grow large enough to be shipped to the garden centers. 1 Response. I have a very young sapling that I transplanted from a Bloodgood japanese maple in Fall 2011. This maple tree guide will teach you exactly how and when to prune maple trees. . The first is to prune off lower limbs that crowd other low-growing shrubs or possibly impede a walkway. Asked September 4, 2015, 6:29 PM EDT. If not, now may be my last chance before it starts to leaf out. Japanese Maples are a favorite tree for their bright foliage and interesting shapes. Exactly what you prune out of your Japanese maple will depend upon the variety of tree you have. It had a pretty shape, but, not so much now. Japanese maples are elegant in all seasons, with delicate leaves, fine fall color, and the loveliest branch patterns in the world. Look for leaves or branches that look like they just don’t belong. Pruning Japanese Maple Tree. Learn how to prune Japanese maple trees in this article. Next, the little sapling with the graft is potted and grown for another few years at Monrovia. Japanese Maple trees are not difficult to prune or train so they are looking their best. Next, prune off dead wood — that is, any dead twigs or brittle branches that no longer grow foliage. The tree is now only about 4.5 feet tall, but I'm starting to see growth that couple be problematic later on. Pruning a Mature Lace Leaf Weeping Japanese Maple. It is important to prune your maple true. Let’s break them into two categories, upright or dissected and weeping. A maple tree is a beautiful addition to any yard… but if you don’t take care of it, the branches can get large and unruly fast. Actually, these maples can get quite large and need a great deal of room. I wrote to you about pruning a very unruly Japanese Maple. The … There are hundreds of Japanese maple varieties that come in various sizes with a large assortment of leaf shapes and colors that range from shades of green to orange, red, purple, and variegated. Some simple pruning can restore or enhance their natural form, bringing the most out of them for summer and winter. Planting Japanese Maple Trees at Home

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