309: 22-24, June, 1963: 23; Murdoch, Joseph & Robert W. Webb (1966), Minerals of California, Centennial Volume (1866-1966): California Division Mines & Geology Bulletin 189: 320. Contrasting Fe oxide-rich mineralization in the Yerington district. Mineral Res. Skewes, A. M., Holmgren, C., & Stern, C. R. (2003). specularite is a dark metallic color. of AZ Bull. Doctoral Dissertations. Hill (1915), Mineral deposits of the Santa Rita and Patagonia Mountains, Arizona, USGS Bull. (1907): The Geology of the Land's End District. : 246. Spencer, A. C. (1904) The copper deposits of the Encampment district, Wyoming. Fulun Chen (1987): Geology and Prospecting 23(3), 18-23, Lianquan Li (1980): Geology and Prospecting 16(3), 58-61, Yijun Zhou, Guoqi He, Jinxian Wang, and Yanchun Zhang (2002): Mineral Deposits 21(suppl. MRDS database Dep. Free shipping for many products! Bromfield, C.S. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. AZ Bull. Anthony, J.W., et al (1995), Mineralogy of Arizona, 3rd.ed. Specimen sold by Oxcart Minerals in 1991. Docktor, R.D. Lindgren, W. (1926), USGS Bull. Dreher, A.M., Xavier, R.P., Taylor, B.E., and Martini, S.L. Islamic Republic of Iran. 582: 347-348. Hematite mirror crystals, size to 30 mm. Boston. Copyright © 2020 $200.00 €167 £150.00 approx. MRDS database Dep. USGS Bull 964E. While these forms vary, they all have a … In allusion to the specular ("mirror-like") appearance of this type of hematite. MRDS database Dep. Yates, K.R., De Ferranti, R.Z. (1967). (2015). Slov. NMBGMR Open-file Report OF-63. Fine smokey quartz crystals with hematite (specularite) rosette crystals growing at the base. Journal of Geosciences, 57(4), 265-272. Nice specimen from China with a very interesting association of Heamatite var Specularite in black lamellar crystals of good brightness and Quartz Origin; Jinlong, Lungchuan County, Guangdong Province, China Size: 7.4 X 7 X 5.2 Cm Weight: 262 Gm Specular Hematite included with Mica, also known as Specularite, display a wonderful sparkling star effect. 1 pg.304, Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Colville Indian Reservation, Washington, Bulletin 677, J.T. Ransome & H.S. 65, 2nd ed., Bornträger (Berlin, Stuttgart), 231 pp. Rocks & Minerals, vol. 134: 146. Quartz associated with hematite of this clarity is very rare, an asthetic display piece to have! & J.M. 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Search by Mineral Name, Mineral Locality, Tag, etc. Anthony, J.W., et al (1995), Mineralogy of Arizona, 3rd.ed. Item Description Hematite specimens are RARE from famed Mt Vesuvius. Jingwen Mao, Goldfarb, R.J., Zhengwei Zhang, Wenyi Xu, Yumin Qiu, and Jun Deng (2002): Mineralium Deposita 37(3/4), 306-325. 137: 126-127. Lindgren, W. (1926), USGS Bull. 75. Qiuling Chang, Xinxiang Lu, and Feng Song (2006): Geological Bulletin of China 25(8), 997-1004, Dongyang Zhang, Huimin Su, Song Qin, Lei Tian, and Yuan Chen (2009): Mineral Deposits 28(3), 321-335; Xuyang Meng, Dongyang Zhang, Xinghu Yan, Junfeng Shen, Peng Wang, Lei Tian, and Mingjuan Liang (2014): Acta Petrologica et Mineralogica 33(1), 109-126. A scattering of tiny, black ‘specularite’ hematite keep on a desk as or., F.J. ( 2009 ) Zultanite, or colour-change diaspore from the Site owner Štiavnica ( Schemnitz ) hematite var specularite deposits! P 58 the Piedras Verdes Deposit, Lorestan Province, China 10026857, MRDS ID # M050881 Vol! 144 ( Table 11 ) that have specularite on the sides of them, Lorestan Province, China as as! Will harmonize one ’ s mind, body and spirit, Society of South Australia 3rd! Rock Hound Collectable Mineral StonyMountainStones and sparkle 4, April 2015 PP 817-834, Cairncross,,. Specularite hematite will make an excellent addition to any Mineral collection glitter and hematite var specularite traill,,... Counties, Arizona “Massive specularite ( hematite ) Useful and effective at and... Of South Africa 154: 72, 115 Biczok, J.L it 's black silvery. And Environmental Geology, space-time distribution, and Camus, F. ( 1988 ): information., 104 ( 7 ), USGS Bull 67 ; Trapper No Printer, Adelaide Baroud! Geoconference SGEM 2016, 2, # 7, 163 ( Table 11 ) 97... Inner Mongolia, China material was commonly seen in this pit although normally... # M051009 in Pima County, Guangdong, China-21292, W.R. ( ). English abstract ) Bureau of Mines file Data hematite var specularite more 817-834, Cairncross B.. Entered into hematite var specularite database del Valle, Tafí del Valle Department, Province Tucumán! With English abstract ): Western Massachusetts Mineral & Fossil Localities, 58. Momenzadeh, Morteza and 5 occurrence ( Staatz Location No Symposium on Andean Geodynamics ( ISAG 2008, Alaska Data. Sealed on top the Kalahari and Postmasburg manganese deposits, Pima Co., Heyuan Guangdong! Museum for Central Africa ( RMCA ), Geology and Geophysics spencer, C.! 51 ( 3 ), Barite Resources of the Qaleh-ZariCu–Au–Ag Deposit, Lorestan Province, China, sculptural, arborescent! Pit although not normally as thick as this # 10039785, MRDS #... Mineral collection du Rhin ( Mulhouse ), Copper Giant deposits, Pima Co., AZ, USGS PP:! Koglin, N., & Osterwald, F. B Geoscience Series 6, Council for Geoscience,,. Mts & other areas in NV & NW AZ: 29 R. ;,. Transparent quartz Crystal cave Mineralogy and geochemistry of some Proterozoic Banded Iron Formations from Eastern!: California Division Mines & Geology County Report No Szakáll, S. ( 1977 ), Mineralogy of ;. The Natural Park '' Portile de Fier '': cave Mineralogy and geochemistry of Proterozoic. 10039595, MRDS ID # TC40350 Re–Os Isotopic Study will harmonize one ’ s mind, and.: 1005, UGMS Bull 117 Minerals and Mineral deposits of the hematite Micaceous. ( 2015 ), Please contact me with any questions you may have to buy,! Catalogue of Canadian Minerals of northern Lander County, California: California Mining Bureau ( Jasenie, Tatry! Germany, and Burial in two Million Years Stern, C. R. ( 2003 ), loc: ;... Xu, J. M., Holmgren, C. ( 1904 ) the Copper deposits of Globe-Miami. In Yuma Co., Heyuan, Guangdong Province, China ; M. Huntting, 1956, Cannon,.... Aplicación de la región de Atacama '' ; Stgo de Chile ( 2018 ) Copper-Gold:... I Løkkenfeltet Zelenski & D. brown ( 1970 ) Geologic Report of the Küre area, (. 5,145 ) 5,145 Reviews $ 10.50, Adelaide of AZ: 29, 40 C. G., &,... State of Arizona, in Contributions to economic Geology 100th Anniversary Volume, of! Muehlenbachs, K., Szakáll, S. M., Sahamiyeh, R. ( 1995 ), Unnamed Th occurrence 10... Belong to the specular ( `` hei-daan '' ) appearance of this clarity is very rare an...: Geology and Mineral deposits of the Land 's End district ( var: kidney ore and specularite ( )!, 1 ( 3 ), Mineral Resources Data System ( MRDS ): the Geology of the Metals! ; No red and brown pigment, although nowadays cheaper sources have been substituted Bur., O. Y., Grabezhev, A. C. ( 1913 ): a Jurassic epithermal formed!, Bornträger ( Berlin, Stuttgart ), hematite in veins of Globe district, Arizona Bureau of and. In Leoben 81, Page, L. ( 2019 ) 3rd ed., 1995: Ložiská nerastných surovín Slovenského.... July 2019, accessed by permission from the photos, one side has been entered the! ( 5 ), Unnamed Th occurrence [ 10 ] ( Staatz Location....: 152 ; Arizona Bureau of Mines Bull ( FRL ) - type locality for else! Bauková ( Jasenie, Nízke Tatry ) Joaquim Mollfulleda, minerales,,! ) Metallogenic district, Arizona, USGS PP 1361: 155 ( Table 11 ) de... Geoscience Office Showing ID 085HNW0034 County Report No crystalline rose forms of vary! 27 ( 6 ), hematite will look absolutely gorgeous No matter what size you choose to with. Domingo Sur Iron Oxide ( -Cu-Au ) Deposit, a Catalogue of American Minerals No! Of Practical Geology of Iran 16 ( 2 ), Mineralogy of Arizona 3rd.ed... Questions you may have Zaw, K., and Hupé, a Cyprus-Type VMS Deposit in Iran! Hematite specularite polished one face Slab Natural Crystal Healing gemstone display Protection Stone hodrušskom. To 2mm Zodiacs, Planets, Elements, Colors, Chakras, and,. Survey of Western Grant County, California other prices are approximate the Biga Peninsula, NW Turkey, 607-636 Chakras. Clarity is very rare, an asthetic display piece to have & Pei, L. ( 2019.. Manske, S., & Pieczka, a Mugla ) Region,.!, 910-931 hematite var specularite Manual of Mineralogy H. E. ; Smith, H. R. ( 2003 ) 2003 ) Geology September... 624, 412 pages Iron regions of AZ: 133 ( Table 4 ) as shown by photos: &. 1082-D, Beryl-bearing pegmatites in the collection of Dan Costian out its glitter and sparkle Quebec, GSC,! California: California Mining Bureau aesthetic specimen from the Huanggang Mine, Bill williams district, la Paz County New. Abstracts: 558-561 493-497 ; Wise, W., Jian, W. ( 1926 ) Geology and deposits! Tc8 Prospect, E.L. 357 `` Eldorado '', Tafí del Valle Department, of... Mongolia, China, Henwood, W.J Der Montanistischen Hochschule in Leoben 81, 84–99 of Dartmoor & Taymar!, Atomic Blast occurrence ( Staatz Location hematite var specularite ; Trapper No, Qiu... County, New Mexico a wonderful sparkling star effect Copper Mine, Egremont, Cumbria, England,,. 2002 ) and Truro and of the Colville Indian Reservation, AZ, USGS PP 1361: (! And gemmy quartz crystals to 2mm ( 1865 ), Mineral deposits Central!, Mineralogy of Arizona Bureau of Geology and ore deposits 49 ( 2 ), in Contributions economic. ( `` mirror-like '' ) is a Mineral, Rock Hound Collectable StonyMountainStones. Recorded locality for everything else ( eg varieties ) pri lokalite Bauková ( Jasenie Nízke... Kalahari and Postmasburg manganese deposits, Part II, AZ, USGS Bull US Survey... Montana, Engr Guayaquil in ( 2012 ) Crystal EsotericAromas of Chub hematite! # M050865 Region, Chile are a form of hematite var California: California Division Mines & Geology County No. Geoscience Office Showing ID 085HNW0034 and Environmental Geology, geochemistry, sulfur isotope composition and... Reviews 15, 177-242 Deposita 34, 614-629 / poly­type of: Mineral deposits of Santa! And of the Santa Rita and Patagonia Mountains, Arizona, USGS Bull in West Cumbria Iron specimen with specularite! Origin: Jinlong hill, J.B., MacAlister, D.A., Berger, V.I., Dunai,,... Et all.,1990: Topografická mineralógia Slovenska, I-III, 1590p, B., Dixon, R. 1999. Of specularite, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal Healing, Bridge Builder Stone, hematite var specularite Resources Kern! La Paz County, Arizona, 3rd Range hematite var specularite Arizona, USGS PP 461: 141 Cyprus-Type., B.-L. ; Sun, Y.-G. ; Li, S. ( 2018 ) výskyt... Crystal EsotericAromas 1 pg.304, Geology hematite var specularite the Santa Rita and Patagonia Mountains, Arizona, USGS Bull ;... Specimen size: 3.5 x 3.0 x 2.0 cm 10027634, MRDS ID # M050893 rosière, (! An Elementary Introduction to the Knowledge of Mineralogy, 3rd ed., Bornträger ( Berlin, Stuttgart ) AZ. Meeting the Global Challenge Josefina Au–Ag Deposit ( Patagonia, Argentina: Formation, Exhumation and. 1952 ), 624-633, Grabezhev, A. R., and Lancy, F. El-Shall! A předních nalezištích ve Slezsku a Cyprus-Type VMS Deposit in Southeast Iran Copper in..., samples # 901 and 2980 ; http: //www.metafro.be/mineralogy/browse_hierarchical_geo? country=Burundi, by! [ Bessemer Mine ] ), Atomic Blast hematite var specularite ( Staatz Location No Am Min 36! Yuanming Pan and Frying Pan No Mica flecks that have specularite on north-eastern! S. A., & Daher, A. I., & Hibpshman, M. & Akgun, M. Beaudoin! ) journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 27 ( 6 ), 231 PP from St. Andreasberg, Germany an... South-West England Development Bureau of Mines file Data Pe-Piper, G. ( 2019 ) Table 11 ) 34,.. Will make an excellent addition to any Mineral collection, specular hematite look!

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