Find Out Which Angle is Best for Your Sharpening Needs, Professional Model Pivot Angle Guidelines. Edge Pro Apex 1 Knife Sharpener Kit 4.5 out of 5 stars 69. In any case, the Edge pro is THE sharpening tool, particularly if you are not achieveing the desired result free hand. If you have ever wanted to put a great edge on a knife without trying to spend the time practicing free hand knife sharpening then the Edge Pro Apex system is for you. 1/2" polish tapes are also available for a polished edge. firewire pro bbq pack. See All Buying Options. Contact our expert staff for more information. Call Edge Pro for more Nebraska Blades Knife Sharpening Dvd information 866-963-1990 today! ), [If you are using an Apex, you may need a lower angle than you can set. The Apex Model Edge Pro Sharpening System is our highly portable unit which we recommend for home use and travel. We used to recommend smooth steels to restaurants only because they kept breaking the ceramics. Instead, keep your primary bevel up at 19 degrees or higher and put on a second bevel between 10 and 15 degrees. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. Use a 400 stone, and slide the stone across the knife. by Edge Pro. If it does, make a light pass on the bevel side, and run the stone down the flat side. Use painters tape to tape the RISER BLOCK to the front of the BLADE TABLE. Edge Pro Fine Diamond Stone. Cut out a piece of wood that is the length and width of the knife blade. A micro bevel is achieved with the ceramic hone. If you do not want to make any marks on the FLAT side of the blade, put a piece of painters tape on the FLAT side at the TOP of the blade. Garden Structures & Fencing. You can cut the bevel in with the 1" stones, but you will need the 1/2" stones to get a good finish. Lay the blade on the RISER BLOCK and mark the shape of the curve at the front of the blade and cut to that shape. The Edge Pro is much stronger than a free hand sharpening edge. Edge Pro is a leading maker of quality knife sharpening supplies and we are proud to offer their products. How are ratings calculated? Item # EP-SMKNIFE. The wide bevel develops because as you get closer to the tip, the edge of the knife moves in to a thicker part of the blade. Place the knife straight across the BLADE TABLE. Write a review. Find Out Which Angle is Best for Your Sharpening Needs. The Edge Pro is much stronger than a free hand sharpening edge. The folks at Chef's Choice have been a mainstay in the knife sharpener … The Edge Pro knife sharpening system is a must to have regardless if you use your knives for industrial or personal use. When you re-profile to a very low angle you wind up with a very wide bevel that is very difficult to get sharp, and it leaves you with a very weak edge. Learn more specific knife sharpening techniques below. Edge Pro Inc., Precise Hand Sharpening Systems, Learn time saving tips like not reprofiling your knife, Sharpen a serrated knife without knocking the points off, Even a curved chisel is no problem with the Edge Pro kits, Select a half inch stone for re-curve blades, Learn techniques for multiple bevels on tanto blades, Sharpen a short blade without moving the knife for perfect tracking, For finishing the edge and bringing the edge back between sharpening. Let's take a look at why this unit beats out other products in it's category. I was satisfied at the time with the results of this sharpener, but I was still lacking the polished sharp edge I was wanting. We have designed our knife sharpening … The Smith's Sharpeners Edge Pro Pull-Thru Knife Sharpener 50090 has been created to make sure that your cutting tools are sharp enough to handle any job. Description The Apex Model Edge Pro knife sharpening kit is a patented Apex system that will sharpen any size or shape blade (up to 3 ½" wide), including serrated knives. Polish Tapes included The Apex 4 kit comes with 2000 grit and 3000 grit Polish Tapes and mounting blanks not included in the Apex 2 and Apex 3 kits. Blades 3" to 6": Center the knife on the BLADE TABLE and sharpen without moving it. My personal favorite sharpening system is the Edge Pro Apex. However, if it is close, it will raise the PIVOT just enough to be able to sharpen the front bevel. Use a felt marker to check the angle not the front bevel. All positive reviews › RGordon. The Apex Model Edge Pro Sharpening System is our highly portable unit which we recommend for home use and travel. This creates a smooth edge, but is not as efficient. The smooth steel removes the micro-serrations. Size: 1 Pack Change. Now the knife will re-sharpen in seconds with only a very fine stone or even a tape. You will see shiny spots on the pips of the serrations. Offering over 25 years of industry experience The Edge Pro is a factory authorized repair center for all the major hair clipper and dryer brands and an authorized distributor for those same factories and their … Edge Pro Inc., Precise Hand Sharpening Systems, Brand New - Multi-point Adjustable Slide Guide for the Apex and Pro, New Product! Our Apex and Professional sharpening systems do exactly the same sharpening job on any knife. This is the first electric knife sharpener of its kind. This will make the knife cut with such little effort it will amaze you. Ceramics are recommended to finish the edge and to bring the edge back between sharpening. Knowing how to sharpen a knife properly is important for the blade to last a long time. You will need a scrap of wood that is thicker than one side of the handle on the knife. Edge Pro. $25.00. The Apex Model Edge Pro Key Benefits : Patented knife guide system will sharpen any size or shape blade (up to 3.5" wide), including serrated knives. My issue with clamped systems is the uneven blades when clamping blades that are either full flat ground or Ffg and tapered. Also note, this is not a micro bevel. Fast, precise and repeatable sharpening of almost any size or shape knife is easy with the Apex Model Edge Pro Sharpening System. Our hand-held sharpener is the most precise and fastest hand sharpening system on the market. Tormek, Edge Pro, Lansky, Spyderco Sharpsmaker even the WE100 and WE Pro just to name a few. Edge Pro Apex and Edge Pro Professional Sharpeners in stock and ready to ship. It is a great machine for home kitchen use, hunting, and fishing. Chef'sChoice Ultimate Trizor Edge XIV Knife Sharpener; Sugg. EDGE PRO Sport knives and all stiff blades If the blade will not bend as you sharpen, you do not have to move it along as you sharpen. This will tilt the blade and give you the lower angle you need.]. $76.39. The Pro-Pack III is our most versatile sharpener. Discover the story behind the birth of the Edge Pro Professional and learn about how long it took to go from prototype to finished product. Kitchen, Dining & Bar. Shop Williams Sonoma's selection of professional knife sharpeners. For this, slide a piece of cardboard under the KNIFE GUIDE. A conversion chart for Chosera and Shapton Stones to Edge Pro. With 62 years of experience, owner Ben Dale offers an invaluable list of sharpening tips. Finish by running a ceramic hone through each serration to remove any burr in the serrations. Set the PIVOT, and start to sharpen the main part of the edge. Sharpen the whole blade without moving the knife. For practical reasons, purchase the stone you will be finishing with in 1/2". Designed with professional knife sharpeners in mind, the Pro-Pack III offers a combination of abrasives, accessories and hardware to create an all-in-one package that meets the needs of the professional sharpener or knife enthusiast with large collections that include many different types of knives. Edge Pro Apex 4 The Edge Pro Apex 4 is: professional, flexible, and modular. Therefore, using the ceramic hone will re-sharpen in seconds, up to 15 times, because it removes so little metal. This makes sharpening for long hours more comfortable. On knives that I want a hair cutting type edge, I will usually use a longer progression of finer stones (maybe up to a 10,000 Chosera, Ozuku Asagi or Shapton 30,000 on Edge Pro plates) before any stropping with either the Edge Pro paper or loaded leather or micro cloth. These knives have a concave shape to the blade. Just remember to run very close to flat on the flat side. This is very easy, and fast to do free hand. Simple system determines the best angle. Top positive review. Add to Wish List. Made in the USA, the Generation 3 Pro Sharpener is our premier sharpener and definite must if you are sharpening a large volume of knives, run a sharpening service or want a sharpener with the simplest set up and the newest hardware. Download Professional Manual Download Apex Manual.

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