In Bob’s Burgers latest Halloween episode, Linda joins the kids for trick-or-treating and ends up leading them into a terrifying encounter with a wolf reportedly stalking the neighborhood. In those cases, Halloween-themed TV episodes are here to give you a dose of spooky without taking up several hours, whether they come from hour-long dramatic series or easy-to-watch sitcoms. Season 4, Episode … Ranking The Bob’s Burgers Halloween Episodes October 29, 2018 Sam Budzinski News/Opinions , TV 0 If there’s one thing I love about the holiday seasons, it’s holiday themed TV specials. While “Teen-a-Witch” isn’t the best of Bob’s Burgers’ Halloween-themed episodes, it’s still a lot of fun. While it's doubtful that Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 4 will go down in history as the show's best Halloween-themed episode, it succeeded in delivering lots of laughs and unique storylines. Bob’s Burgers is pretty much the master of all holiday-themed episodes. 12. Fans waited three seasons for the first Bob's Burgers Halloween special, but this extremely popular episode was undoubtedly worth it. But since it’s Halloween season, let’s celebrate with some of the best costumes, songs, and puns that TV has to offer. The Winner: The Hauntening, Season 6 Episode 3 So, let’s get into it: the ranking of all rankings, the definitive list of the best and worst Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode of all time.

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