aXseum works for organizations that are making the world a better place: governments, NGOs, and other international institutions. Our top skills are in knowing how to get things done so that you can accomplish your mission.

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Army Recruits Are Able to Enlist Thanks to aXseum’s English Courses During 2008 the U.S. Army was in a big recruiting push. Their demands for new troops required that they look to non-English speaking citizens to join the Army...
aXseum staffs ACES Education Centers with Over 350 People in Under 48 Hours aXseum thrives in difficult situations. Our talented team consistently rises to the challenge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...
15,000 Soldiers Taken Out of Harm’s Way in Afghanistan After the successful implementation of the Iraqi Transportation Network (ITN), the Department of Defense again turned to aXseum to develop a sustainable logistics network in Afghanistan...

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