aXseum's financial infrastructure services provide platforms that help develop policy and stimulate economies.


Financial Infrastructure Expertise

  • Central Bank Governance & Oversight
  • Intra-Bank, Inter-Bank, & International Funds Transfers
  • End-to-End Implementation Design & Deployment
  • Mobile Banking Platforms
  • Financial Policy & Economic Stimulation
  • Banking Consortium Oversight
  • Recruiting Worldwide Payment Processing Vendors to Establish Operations in Developing Countries
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Centers

Client Success Stories

Ensuring Fair & Equitable Bidding for Access to Afghanistan’s Natural Resources Starting in 2010, aXseum has been assisting the Afghanistan Ministry of Mines in creating low-risk business opportunities for their country...
Refurbishing 92 Kilometers of Aging Pipeline in Afghanistan Energy infrastructure is the foundation for establishing thriving energy markets...
aXseum staffs ACES Education Centers with Over 350 People in Under 48 Hours aXseum thrives in difficult situations. Our talented team consistently rises to the challenge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...